5 Types of People to Give Your Business Card to While Traveling

Here we will go over the types of people to give your business card to while traveling.

Bringing exposure to your business in locations other than its base location can open a new market and client base.

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Hotel guests

If staying in a business hotel, many hotel guests will be business professionals.

The business professionals at your hotel may be interested in your company, so bring your business cards with you to the pool, gym, lobby, and other places in the hotel.

When mingling with others, you may be surprised to find out that many hotel guests are also in town for the same corporate event as you or could benefit from your services.

People in Waiting areas

Waiting areas are a great place to strike up a conversation and give your elevator pitch.

Throughout your trip, you may find yourself in the waiting areas of airports, lobbies, or offices. You can break the awkward silence in these rooms by saying hello, asking about their day, etc. Once a conversation begins, you can casually mention that you are in town for business, and naturally, the other person will ask about your job. This is when you give your elevator pitch and offer them a card if they seem interested.

Event guests

Corporate events are a significant reason for business travel, and these events offer a prime opportunity for companies to spread their name to other professionals.

Often, you find yourself with a few hours of extra time to look around before the main speaker goes on stage. Use this time to socialize with other guests and interweave your own business into the conversations.

Many successful business owners claim that corporate events are where they built their initial network and found some of their first clients.

Industry-related businesses and employees

Some of the most practical people to give your business card to while away would be individuals that own or work at a company that could benefit from your services.

Giving your card out to these business employees can be done in a few ways.

  1. Research local companies that lack the services you provide, and then go to these places to hand out cards.
  2. While walking around town, stop at businesses that you happen to pass by and give out your card to those that could benefit from your services.
  3. Make a list of all industry-related companies and hand cards out to each, even if they already use your competitors.

When handing out business cards, you should already know what you plan to say and how you plan to approach them. If you can create a short, to-the-point script about who you are and what your company offers, you have a higher chance of obtaining a client than walking in and placing your card on a desk.

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Anyone that wants one

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Every time you strike up a conversation, you are presented with an opportunity to casually bring your business into the discussion. If you find yourself speaking with a person that genuinely seems interested in your company, hand them a business card. You never know if it will lead to another client, and if it doesn’t, you have at least brought exposure to your business.

Handing business cards out to “just anyone” may not seem like the best practice, but many companies find new clients this way. You see, chances are, the people you give your business card to will more than likely put it in their wallet and forget it exists until a friend expresses their need for services like yours. Then, because the person wants to be helpful, they will pull your business card out and refer their friend to your company.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to hand out your business cards to anyone willing to take it.

Wrap up

Handing your business card out while on a trip may feel tricky but with some basic social skills, you can turn any interaction into an opportunity to spread the word about your company.

Consider giving your cards to industry-related businesses, people in waiting areas with you, event guests, hotel guests, or anyone you meet that sounds intrigued by your line of work.

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