5 Ways to Make Your Wooden Flooring Last Longer

Have you been searching for ways to make your wooden flooring last a little longer? If so, you are in luck! This post will provide 5 tips that will help extend the life of your wooden floor for long.

We have found that following these simple tips can save homeowners both time and money. You’ll be amazed at how much better your floors look after reading this article!

1) Clean the floor regularly

It can be difficult to tell when a wooden floor needs cleaning. The best way is just to walk around with your eyes open and to look down at the floorboards. If you see dust bunnies or dirt on them- it’s time for some housecleaning! This will help keep your floors clean of any debris that could scratch the wood.

2) Use soft pads for furniture

Protect your floors by using felt or rubber pads under furniture legs. This will help keep the floorboards in good condition and prevent any scratching on the wood.

It’s a common misconception that wooden slabs are “sturdy.” Not true! They can be damaged by heavy objects like pots and pans- which is why it’s important to use soft pads! Engineered wood flooring will require extra care and protection.

3) When moving furniture, use a blanket

Move heavy furniture by using a thick wool blanket. When the furniture is moved across your flooring, it can cause scratches and scuffs- so make sure you’re taking preventative measures to protect your wooden floors!

A common mistake many homeowners make when trying to move heavy items is not using enough padding or blankets. This will leave your floors vulnerable to scratches and scuffs.

4) Give your floors a good sanding

Give the floor a nice and even sanding. This will help to remove any sealant or wax that may be on top of the wood, which can make it difficult for water to penetrate. Plus- if you’ve got an unfinished wooden floor, this is important! The uneven boards could start warping at any time.

5) Keep your floors away from water

Keep the wet area of a room as far away from the wooden flooring. This will help to discourage any moisture or humidity that may be present in the air and prevent it from causing damage to your wood! It’s really easy- just make sure you’ve got some good ventilation, so all of those damp smells don’t linger.

It’s important to use wood-safe cleaning products on your flooring! This will help prevent any damage or discolouration from repeatedly wetting and drying the floors. It can also stain or even warp the boards, which is why it’s so important to keep them away from water as much as possible!


The final thing you can do to make your wooden flooring last longer is to seal it once a year. If the wood has started absorbing too much moisture or oils, then this will help protect and restore its natural sheen. Now that we’ve gone over all of these tips for how to keep your wooden floors looking great, there is no excuse not to take care of them.

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