6 Colourful Plants Perfect As A Holi Gift

Holi is a festival of a kaleidoscope of colors! You can spot all types of colors in this festival in the atmosphere, including red, green, yellow, orange, blue, and what not! Besides colours, sweets, snacks and most importantly gifts are also a part of this festival. Well, have you thought of any gifts to give to your loved ones on this special occasion? Well, a colourful festival demands a colourful gift that perfectly rhymes with the festival and adds some more colours and happiness into the lives of your loved ones. Let’s make this Holi a memorable one by gifting your near and dear ones bright and colourful flowers that will bring love, luck, and happiness into their lives. Here is a series of handpicked potted flowering plants that you can give to your loved ones and enliven their Holi vibes in an instant. Go through each of these and make your pick soon, for the festival is just around the corner. 

Tropical Hibiscus Plant: As beautiful as it looks, a hibiscus plant is available in many colors, and you can surely pick the ones you like. You can find red, pink, and even yellow flowers that will surely make the day of your loved ones brighter and beautiful. A symbol of health and beauty, this flower seems just the perfect choice for the auspicious occasion of Holi. 

Adenium Obesum: A desert rose plant, Adenium Obesum is considered to be a symbol of wealth. This plant blooms gorgeous flowers of various colours and looks absolutely stunning in your household exteriors. Do not forget to give these flowers as a token of affection and good luck to your loved one on this Holi and make the festival even more beautiful than ever. 

Orange Kalanchoe: With bright orange flowers and emerald green leaves, this plant is yet another great option to gift to your loved ones on the festival of Holi. As bright as it looks, this plant is believed to bring love and luck into your lives, and if that is what you have been exactly wishing for your close ones, you ought to give this adorable plant as a gift on Holi. You can also pair it with a customized Holi cake by arranging for online cake delivery in Jamshedpur and other major cities. 

Poinsettia Plant: As unique and colourful as it looks, this plant does not typically bloom flowers but has bright orange or red coloured leaves that work as flowers. If you are looking for a vibrant gifting idea for Holi, this plant must always be on the top of your bucket list. Pair it with a beautiful planter or glass vase, and let your friends and family members thank you for this amazing gift. 

Red Aglaonema Plant: Red is associated with the colour of love, and Holi is the perfect occasion to shower love upon your loved ones with this red Aglaonenema plant. A marvelous creation of nature, this plant has vibrant red and green coloured leaves that make it stand out from the rest of the plant species. The pretty hues and lush look make this plant the perfect gift for the festival of colours. 

Ixora Plant: The perfect combination of red and green, this plant has red flowers with thin petals and broad green leaves. The combination of green and red can never go wrong, especially on a festival of colours, and if your close ones love flowers, this is surely the perfect pick. These plants make for an exceptional Holi present and will surely delight your family and friends at its very first look. 

There is no better way to celebrate Holi than gifting your near and dear ones, these little green friends, that will not only contribute to bringing them good luck and fortune but also keep them healthy. So, consider gifting these bright and vibrant flowering plants and see their faces lit up with an adorable smile. 

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