6 Factors to Consider When Looking for Coworking Centre

Coworking is an arrangement where people from different companies share a workspace to get their work done. Shared office space has become the need of the hour and is now a primary choice for small and large corporations alike, including freelancers. A coworking centre has now become an important part of the commercial real estate sector (CRE) and is a major alternative to traditional workspaces. However, there are some pivotal factors to keep in mind before looking for a coworking desk.

Below are six crucial tips and tricks that will help you book the best coworking center that is most suited to your business needs:

  1. Don’t Make Price your Utmost Priority

When looking for a managed office, one of the most common mistakes that people make is that to get a cheaper workspace, they let go of other important factors that must be kept in mind for a smooth workflow.

It would be in your best interest if you also considered other factors such as building infrastructure, amenities that the coworking space offers, other companies that use that space, location advantage, and so on. Although economic efficiency should be a key factor in deciding a coworking space, these other factors should not be ignored. You can always choose to pay a bit extra for a better space as it will help you cut down on added expenses in the long run. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes with dealing with a team having professional expertise.

Also, before booking a coworking space, do not forget to ask about extra charges that you might incur. For instance, you may need an additional cabin, or faster Internet speed, more space as your business scales up, and so on. Make sure to consider the overall perspective before choosing a shared office space.

  1. Location

It is important to book a coworking space in Mumbai at an easily accessible location for your workers. This will create a good image in front of your customers, and it will be easier for your workers to commute as well. One should avoid booking a coworking centre in a remote area and look for a space easily accessible by public transport.

When you work at a good location, it automatically builds a good working atmosphere as people have good parking and transport facilities nearby.

Make sure that you choose a location that best suits your needs, for example, a freelancer can choose a good place near his/her home, or a company can choose a central location that allows easy commuting for its team members. Weigh a variety of factors before choosing a location for your coworking space, and not just the design or price.

  1. Availability of Amenities

There should be a proper setup of facilities and equipment for the smooth running of business activities in a working space. Before opting for a coworking desk, you should see if the space has proper printers, shredders, scanners, and other equipment or not. Also, you must never forget to check if the equipment is working properly or not. The administrative staff should also address your complaints promptly and up to your satisfaction.

However, it is also important to see if the seats at the coworking space are of good quality as this affects the efficiency of the workers. You should also check about different services and amenities such as cabins, meeting rooms, common areas, water/tea/coffee, separate washrooms, power backup (generator and UPS facility), housekeeping, and so on before booking a coworking centre.

  1. Hygiene Factors

One important thing that Covid-19 has taught is to maintain cleanliness always. Especially in this pandemic era, it is crucial that you book a coworking space that is sanitized regularly. Moreover, a clean and organized office space gives good vibes to everyone and motivates them to be more efficient. Check simple things that show how hygienic a place is. For example, you can check working taps, washroom area, kitchen area, etc., to see if the place maintains hygiene or not. Always settle for a coworking centre that adheres to high cleanliness standards.

  1. Safety and Security Measures

If there are advantages of using a coworking space, then there are a few downsides too. Many people work in a coworking space, which can raise the concern of the safety and security of your files and other things. Although theft does not happen commonly in a coworking space, one should be cautious about these things. You must see what security measures the space offers before booking it. Check the reception or entrance area for biometric check-ins and CCTV cameras. You can also ask the people around about the safety of the space. When a place is safe and secure, it provides the members great security.

  1. Wi-fi enablement with backup internet

These days, almost no work can happen without the internet, and for an office setup, it is pivotal to have a good internet connection. Fast internet connection is one of the key factors you should keep in mind before booking a coworking space. It is highly important to have a strong and reliable internet connection to keep your work going smoothly. So, explore your options and check for internet speed before settling for a coworking centre.

Summing up

As the adage goes – Work is worship. So, the place you choose as a coworking centre should be clean, hygienic, and spread positivity all around. iKeva is one such suitable coworking space where you can have high speed internet facilities, a feasible working environment, cooperative and professional staff, secure and sanitized workspaces and prime locations in Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Mumbai.

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