6 Ways to Handle Negative Restaurant Reviews

Positive customer reviews are effective in encouraging customers to try your business. However, there are also negative reviews that could hurt your brand. No matter how well you manage your restaurant and strive to give the best customer service, there may still be bad customer feedback. Knowing how to handle them can help prevent the damages that they may cause to your business. You can even turn the negative situation into a positive one with the proper response. Here are some tips on how to do that.

1. Respond promptly

A prompt response is a way of showing respect to customers. Whether it’s a negative review or not, they took time to write it, so it’s right to acknowledge it. Responding promptly does not necessarily mean answering right away without clearly thinking about the situation. Read the review carefully and take a moment to think of the best response so that you can pass the message you want to convey clearly.

2. Offer a solution

Negative reviews can also help pinpoint areas in your business that need improvement. Listen to their complaints, and determine what you can do about them. For example, if they have complaints about the quality or consistency of your food, let them know that you will look into it. Thank them for their inputs too. Do not just tell them this to appease them, but do it. It’s also beneficial for you as this is something that you can improve on.

3. Do not delete bad reviews

Deleting bad reviews may seem the easiest way to deal with them, but do not do this because it could backfire on you. It would just create bigger problems. If the people who wrote those reviews find that you deleted them, they could quickly rant on other platforms and say more negative things about you. Other people who will hear about it may also have a wrong impression on you because it would show that you do not care about what customers feel and do not deal with them professionally. Responding to them appropriately and showing that you are making an effort to do it right will make them think that you give importance to them. You might even win them through that.

4. Be courteous

You might be tempted to respond with negative words, but it’s one thing that you should never do. Stay calm and be courteous when responding to these reviews, as it will tell a lot about your company. Staying composed will show that you are professional.

5. Empathise with them

Do not listen to answer, but instead listen to understand. Put yourself in their shoes to see where they are coming from. With that, you will provide a response and solution to resolve their concerns or make them feel better.

6. Buy only from reputable ingredient suppliers

Finally, part of the solution may be to ensure that you are only getting supplies from reputable ingredient suppliers like Kiril Mischeff. After all, quality ingredients have a lot to do with the quality of the food. Talk to your staff too, and work with them to see what areas are lacking and make up for it. Once you get the result you want, ensure consistency by following standards.

Keep these things in mind when responding to negative customer reviews for your restaurant. It’s best to continue the communication privately after that so whatever transpires will not be seen by the public eyes.

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