7 Easy DIY Flower Arrangements for Any Occasion

A nice floral arrangement can be useful on a variety of fronts. We add flowers to our homes to match the colors of our surroundings. This might include a specific wall color, furniture color, curtains, or maybe even the color of your wardrobe. A nice bouquet of flowers can also let that special someone know that you love them. Flower arrangements can be used to celebrate special occasions, like weddings, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or anniversaries.

Today we’ll focus on DIY flower arrangements which can be used for many occasions. This can help to not limit your choices to “traditional” flower choices within your bouquet. We’ll focus on seven DIY selections to take to your local florist below.

1. Wild Beauty

Flower arrangements like the Bouqs birthday arrangement are a nice touch to celebrating yet another year of that special someone’s life. One of the best sets of DIY flower arrangements that you can make for a birthday, or any occasion is the Wild Beauty arrangement. This floral bouquet is the creation of florist Christina Stembel of Farmgirl Flowers. The flowers which are used for the selection are spray roses and greenery.

In order to get the full Wild Beauty flower arrangement experience, it’s recommended that you choose one type of flower in either two colors or complementary hues. Your other option is to select two complementary hues and two types of greenery. You’ll want to ensure that your greenery is higher on one side of the bouquet of flowers. Add a bit more greenery than you think you might need, to give the full effect that the Farmgirl Flowers florists are shooting for. The greenery for this DIY flower arrangement will be the foundation for the entire bouquet. The Wild Beauty is a DIY flower arrangement that works for any occasion.

2. Bursting Summer Arrangement

Many restaurants are opening their doors to visitors across the United States. With the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions, people are stepping out to have fun, and spend time at many eateries. As restaurants re-open, they’ll want to make sure the décor of their restaurants appear warm and inviting. They want to ensure that visitors return for repeat visits to dining rooms in places like Los Angeles and New York City. To accomplish all of this, a restaurant can add a Bursting Summer arrangement to the restaurant. When customers see this DIY bouquet in a vase at their table, it will add to their overall experience of visiting your establishment.

Fill a glass vase with blooms like Delphiniums, Viburnums, Hydrangeas, roses, and Jasmine flowers. When your vase is empty, wrap a large leaf across the bottom of your container. This will conceal the stems of the flowers. Create a grid out of tape, to help maintain some order with the flowers which you’re using. After this is complete, you’ll have a flower bouquet which will make for a great addition to a restaurant, home, or any other place.

3. Farm-Stand Flora

Sometimes you want to add a bit of the country and rustic feel to your home. One way that you can capture this vibe in your living space is by creating a Farm-Stand Flora arrangement. Created by Michaela Hogarty of Days of May Florals, these flower arrangements include Celosia flowers, Miscanthus flowers, Zinnias flowers, Cosmos flowers, and branches. These can create a remarkable outdoor experience for your home.

4. Vegetable Tablescape

Create a flower arrangement that you can eat. Collect Cuban peonies, eggplants, purple kale, and berries to create the Vegetable Tablescape arrangement. You’ll be pulling each of these pieces of vegetables from a vase to eat, so be prepared to restock this DIY flower arrangement.

5. Lush Bouquet

This DIY flower arrangement is a collection of dahlias, chrysanthemums, and various pieces of greenery. You’ll want to add different types of grasses to this type of flower arrangement, to allow for more texture. In addition to this, do your best to contrast lighter-toned flowers with deep reds and chocolates. These combine to create beautiful looking centerpiece.

6. Tulip and Greenery Display

Since tulips come in a variety of different colors, they can already accent any vase floral arrangement. Combined with a nice set of greenery, this helps to brighten up the wide selection of colors in which tulips come in. Definitely consider a tulip and greenery DIY flower arrangement as a Mother’s Day gift.

7. Simple Assorted Bouquet

For this DIY bouquet, the sky’s the limit. You can add any flower to this arrangement, utilizing a wide selection of flowers. Roses, lilies, tulips, dandelions, you name it. Put your own personal stamp on this vase arrangement. At the end of the day, creating your own floral arrangement can be a great DIY selection for any occasion.

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