7 Tips on Saving Water in Your Yard and Garden

There are many ways for you to conserve water in your landscape. Some of these methods are simple and easy; at the same time, they can help you in reducing your water bills. By using an effective irrigation system, you can even help in protecting the water supply of your community. Try these recommendations below:

1. Get Rid of Leaks 

Having a single leak on your hose or faucet can already amount to thousands of gallons of water for a particular year. You can just imagine the cost of having several leaks. Sometimes outdoor leaks are hard to notice. However, if you hire a reliable landscape company that will maintain your lawn, then there is no need to worry since they will check the leaks for you.

On the other hand, you can still do your own maintenance; just make sure that you inspect all the leaks so you can save water.

2. Select Drought-Tolerant Plants

By carefully choosing your plants, you can create a big difference in your water usage. There are some plants that can naturally thrive in low water conditions, including sage, yarrow, yucca, and white fir. If you need help in figuring out which plants can do well in your area or specifically in your property, then you can consult a local landscape professional for some advice.

3. Never Overwater Your Plants

It is quite obvious that overwatering can lead to more water wastage. Aside from wasting a precious resource, it is also not good for the plants. Having a lot of water on the soil can cause stress on the root system of the plants. It can cause the root to rot and can contribute to fungal and bacterial disease.

If you need some help, try to get some advice from a landscape professional so you will know the right amount of water for your landscape. They can also help you in designing an effective watering system.

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4. Set-Up an Automatic-Rain-Shut Off Device

You can install this device on your irrigation system controller. What it will do is, it will tell the controller to shut off once there is already a sufficient amount of rain that has fallen. It is a very affordable device that can help you in reducing your water bill and protecting your lawn.

5. Set Up a Rain Barrel

Rainwater does not include salts and chemicals, making them great for your plants. In fact, there are now some cities that provide incentives to those people who are making use of these affordable water-saving devices. You can talk to an expert to help you decide how to incorporate water into your existing watering system.

6. Choose Water-Efficient Emitters

During the past years, there has been an improvement in emitter technology. If your rotors, sprinkler heads, or emitters are already too old, then you can hire an expert to conduct an inspection. Most likely, they will suggest more efficient alternatives when necessary.

7. Use Mulches

A massive layer of mulch can help in keeping the root area cool and giving some moisture to the soil. It is best to use organic mulches such as shredded bark and wood chips on your plants since they can provide organic matter to the soil. Some mulches are designed for specific applications, so you need to be careful when making a decision.

By following these tips, you can save more water for your lawn. At the same time, it can help in reducing your water bill Flood Services.

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