A list of flowers that are perfect for summer garden

Summers are the perfect time to witness the growth of new things around us. It is due to the heat of the summer Sun that everything goes well in summer, however, excessive amounts of anything can be injurious. So sometimes it may happen that things may get spoiled, otherwise summer is a season of abundance. It is the season that enjoys the after-effects of spring. Many flowers that were planted at the onset of the spring start blooming during summers and continue to flourish through fall. That is the reason why the summer season seems to be overloaded with flowers or plants. The summer season brings lots of celebration to be it those of birthdays, marriages or festivals. Thus, giving us a chance to send flowers online to our friends, and family members in order to express our love for them. We have come up with a list of flowers that thrive well during the summer, thus you can check them and decide a lovely pick for your summer garden. 


Bougainvillea is a perennial that is common to many households as they bloom throughout the year. These are a range of ornamental plants that grow like vines. The beautiful vines spread across walls and fences. They add beauty to the houses they are placed in. Flowers may range between shades of magenta, crimson red, yellow, orange, and white. One must be careful around the plant as it has protective thorns. 


Marigold is a cheerful combination of bright hues of orange, and yellow. This flower is popular for its use in religious ceremonies. People make garlands from marigolds. These are used as ornaments for idols of gods and goddesses and are also used for decorating the temples and the houses at times of celebration. The flowers are combined with mango leaves and used for worshiping deities. Marigolds thrive well in the bright sun. 


The beautiful blooms of daisies are also called day’s eyes because they wake up along with the sun and start blooming right with the onset of dawn. Daisies can grow well in any condition Whether you place them under direct sun or provide them some shade. They are popular for requiring low maintenance as they do not suffer from plant diseases nor do they get affected by pests. Daisy has beautiful white petals that grow around a bright yellow round center. 


You must have ordered a red rose online in order to give to your love interest and win their heart. Roses are loved by all and that is the reason behind their large-scale cultivation owing to the unending demand for roses in the market. Besides being a popular Valentine’s gift, roses are also popular for their use in decorations. Wedding venues, cars, and garlands are decorated with the lovely and fragrant blooms of roses. Apart from this roses are used in beauty products, and perfumes. People also make tasty desserts and drinks using the roses. 


No one can ever miss the huge flowerheads of the bright sunflowers when talking about the sun. As we all know, the sunflower loves the sun. It even follows the movement of the sun throughout the day. Sunflower faces no problem despite the heat produced by the summer sun. It can tolerate any amount of heat and continue to grow. Sunflowers are so bright and cheerful that they elicit happiness when received as a gift.


The beautiful blooms of Zinnia are a popular flower belonging to the daisy family. It is famous for its solitary bloom that is long-stemmed and vibrant. Petals of the flower are in a dome shape that may bloom in shades of lilac, white, red, purple, or yellow. Zinnia can be grown from their seeds. They can withstand hot temperatures and bloom well. They are adored for their explosion of colors. 

These were the names of some lovely flowers that have the ability to spread their beauty and fragrance despite the scorching heat of the summer sun. You can order flowers online or find them in your nearest plant nursery or ask a florist about the same. Remember to give ample amounts of water to the plants that you bring to your garden. 

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