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Suppose you are looking for Quick honeymoon plans for the wedding season. For those looking for a trip with a slightly different flavour, the Andamans can be on the list. After the wedding, the honeymoon destination is reached in a historical city. The taste of the beach will match as well as the cellular gel, showing the Jaroya group. There is detailed information

Many opportunities for water sports on Havelock Island

It will take five nights and six days to reach Andaman. Port Blair must be reached by air. The cost is between 6 to 7 Saha rupees. There is so much to see here. However, the island has recently been closed. To understand, you should plan the trip here. It is better not to make this journey by water. It takes two or three days. And there is a lot of hard work. So it is better to avoid waterways. You can stay at Havelock Island in Port Blair. And also can spend the night here. One night stay in Port Blair. There are many opportunities for water sports on Havelock Island. There are many things to do along the beach that will make this trip even more exciting. You can also go to Nile Island. You can stay there for two nights
Tourists are fascinated by the colour of the water

The beauty of the beach here is impeccable. Tourists are fascinated by the colour of the water here. Meals and hotels are now within reach. There are 2500 to 3000 good hotels here. You have to go for 1400 rupees per head for food. Coming here and visiting the Cellular Jail is a bonus. There are many more tourist attractions here. It would help if you did not come to this place during the monsoon. Water sports are closed at this time. Bort does not move on water. It may cost 30 to 35 thousand rupees per head to travel around the

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