An air compressor is a device that sucks air volumes from the air to a closed compartment to make the pressure more. This air is then directed to a receiver tank and then led to the equipment needed to be powered.


These three are based on what form of power is used to drive the engine. They are petrol-driven, direct electrical, and belt-driven electric. Below is a clear explanation of all

Rotating screw compressors

These are petrol-driven compressorswith a rotating screw that gradually reduces the compresses the air. During operation, only 2 screws have a possibility of coming into contact. These compressors work continuously, withoutfriction which reduces friction-related accidents such as tears. All compressors in this category use air for cooling. They are high in prices

Reciprocating compressors

These are belt-driven electric compressors that use a reciprocating piston as a means of squeezing the air.They use movements of valves, pistons, and crankshafts. These air compressors are  preferred by Small and Medium Enterprises. They are available in areas that require high pressure.

These have two categories based on. Small compressors use air for the cooling effect while large compressors use water for cooling. The cooling is vital to ensure the device is not overheated to avoid mechanical damages

Centrifugal compressor

These are direct electrical compressors that use a rotating impeller which in turn transfers momentum to the air hence the compressing effect


They are used in various settings and for this, they are into three categories.

Industrial Grade. Used in intense industrial and workshop areas. They are used for operating machines, welding,cleaning machines,packaging products,etc.

Professional Grade. They are reliable for small businesses that do not need specialized staff to operate them.These have more power to be used simultaneously for various tools

Consumer Grade. These are ideal for home environments like inflating car, bike, and motorcycletires, and paintingvehicles, cleaningvarious machines and spraying various crops


They are safe and easy to Use

They have a very low operating cost

They are multifunctional as they can power various equipment simultaneously

Their sizes are small allowing ease of movement and offer comfort when used for longer periods

They save on energy consumption

There is a wide range of capacities to choose from. According to your needs, you can have between 50 liters to 500 liters capacity

The power range is wide between 5 HP, 10 HP, and 20 HP

The air compressor price in Kenya  is quite affordable and the best in the market as they are directly sourced from manufacturers minimizing middlemen and their costs


The market is saturated with all kinds of compressors. Air compressors Kenya only deal with high-quality and reliable compressors you can trust. There is a wide variety to choose from specific to your budget and needs. To get value for your money, this is a guaranteed place to shop

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