Facelift Toronto is a popular facial rejuvenation procedure that helps reverse the signs of aging. It gives your face and neck a younger and fresher appearance. The smooth complexion and soft volume of the skin begin to diminish as one starts to age. This procedure has been designed to address the multiple signs of aging comprehensively. It is starting from the eyes to the jawline and the neck. A facelift is an excellent option for all those who wish to age more gracefully. Even though the procedure is highly popular, there are specific questions or doubts that you might have about it. We are here to decode the procedure for you.

The Right Candidate

Those who plan to opt for the procedure usually look to improve their face in either one or multiple aspects. Suppose you notice any sagging skin around the jawline and chin due to the loss of muscle, or loose skin around the eyes, chin, mouth or creases, fine lines, and wrinkles in mid-face sagging. If you notice some of these or even all of these, then you might be the right fit for the procedure. The ideal age can vary and is dependent on various factors like genetic factors, lifestyle choices, weight fluctuations, and natural changes in the facial tissue.

 Pairing it up with other procedures

One of the best things about a facelift is combining it with other procedures like the neck lift, browlift, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), or CO2 laser. When you undergo multiple procedures at once, it helps you to address various concerns in one go and save some time. It not only saves you time in terms of the procedure but also in terms of recovery as your recovery period remains unaffected when you add another procedure.

Necessary Medical Tests 

For you to be able to undergo the surgical procedure, your general health needs to be good. All the patients have to undergo blood tests, a chest X-ray, and an ECG before the procedure. Being physically fit will help to ensure your absolute safety.

Factors involved in decision making

When you are choosing a plastic surgeon, it can be a daunting procedure. You need to be more than sure about the surgeon you are opting for, as you will putting all your trust in them. There are certain things that you should keep in mind before you make a final decision. Always check the qualifications and expertise of the surgeon. During your consultation, see how the rapport and comfort level is. Research the quality of the facility and the place where the surgery will be performed. Other factors like staff who work there and how the consultation requests are handled will help you understand how the team treats the patient. Always see the before and after pictures before you make any decision. Whenever you find yourself in doubt, ask them the question. If you don’t feel entirely comfortable, you can always go on to consult another surgeon.

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