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QiuQiu or Kiukiu is a popular domino game in Indonesia related to paigow. It also gets referred to as domino 99 poker that gets played on any Android device downloaded from Google_Play. It gets played using a deck of (28) double-six dominoes, which in Indonesia usually take the appearance of small cards, which are cut after a few games because they show signs of wear. Players ordinarily have to pay a fixed bet in a pot, and three domino cards are then dealt. After having evaluated his cards, each player, in turn, can bet (if there is no preceding bettor), call (if there is a former bettor), raise (if there is a past bettor) or fold.

Instructions for dominoes

There are a variety of types of domino games used around the world and a large number of matches that can get played with them. Here are the rules for the two most ordinarily played games in the West, the “Standard” or “Block” match and the “Draw” game. The instructions explain games played with the standard or “double six” domino game consisting of 28 tiles, but both games can get played with a double nine or a double twelve. In UK pubs these are also the most prevalent games which often get played by four members as two pairs of players sitting opposite each other.

To shuffle the dominoes at the start of a game, place them face down on the table and push them until they ultimately get rearranged. At the start of each game, players draw the exact number of tiles for that particular game from that pool of shuffled tiles. If a game does not use all of the dominoes at the start, the remaining supply gets called the graveyard. The dominoes get drawn later in the game.

In most domino games, dominoes are gathered on the table when the numbers match. For example: if someone puts a 6:4, the next player can only add a domino to it if they have a six or a four at the end of one of his tiles, in which case he puts six by hitting 6 or 4 by hitting 4. It is normal to join rows end to end, but doubles often get connected in the middle.

Dominoes game rule

  • Straight dominoes gets played by two to four players. 
  • The tiles must get shuffled before players can draw their hands. It gets done through a shuffling process, in which the tiles are arranged face down on a flat surface, and a player randomly moves them without having contact with specific tiles.
  • The players then each draw a domino to determine who goes first.
  • The player who draws the highest dual goes first, or if no double gets drawn, the members with the highest-ranked domino. Each player now draws a round of seven tiles, with the player who shuffled last.
  • If there are any tiles left, they rest face down to be drawn by players who cannot place anything during their turn.
  • The first player begins by placing the chosen tile face up in the centre of the table.
  • The next contestant must match one end of their tiles to a part of the first tile.
  •  In some accounts, for this card only, it is possible to join the cards on all four sides, forming four open rows to add new cards to.
  • From this point on, players can add their tiles to any row of their choice. If a double is played, it is placed perpendicular to the line and the colours on both sides are counted.
  • If a player does not have playable dominoes, he must draw different from the unused dominoes.

Strategy to Win Domino

These customary domino strategies will operate for virtually any kind of domino game and are effortless to follow, even if you are new to the game. You will probably have to think about it consciously at first, but it will not be long before it becomes second nature.

  • Play paired games in advance

Double tiles do not progress in the game because they leave the identical hook as the tile they connect to. For example, if you put a five double tile on hook 5, you still need five more to connect to it. However, stunt doublets can be tiles with high points. For this reason, it is advisable to get rid of them early in order not to give these points to your antagonist when he scores.

  • Play heavier tiles early

As with early doubles play, you should play with heavier stones as soon as possible. Heavy tiles are tiles with higher numbers. As these tiles have higher numbers, this means again that your opponent will get more points if he scores points.

With all the instructions, rules and strategies, you can master the game of domino99.

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