Another Historic Last Race On The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Courtesy F1

All eyes will be on Qatar when the World Cup begins on Sunday as more fans explore sports betting. Another major sporting event will be held in the same region on the same day. The final Formula One race of the season takes place in the United Arab Emirates, which is further east in the Persian Gulf.

Before Sunday’s last race at Yas Marina, Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez each has 290 points. It is a more sedate version of last year’s championship-deciding race between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton artdailynewsonline. Both drivers entered Abu Dhabi tied for top place, but following a heated restart procedure, Verstappen won the championship.

Last weekend in Brazil, the second battle race became considerably tighter. Leclerc equaled Perez’s points in second place but moved to second because he won more races. Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez will be looking for second place, as do their respective teams.

Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen were not the preseason favorites to win. Still, they took advantage of every opportunity and used each race as a stepping stone to winning both championships. Since 2013, the team has not won both the Drivers’ and Constructors’ titles simultaneously.

Similarly to the previous year, there is also some dispute irtdaily. Even though it was a team order, Verstappen refused to relinquish his colleague Perez’s sixth place in the final race in Brazil. This could prevent Perez and Leclerc from having a close race on Sunday.

Leclerc vs Perez

As a result of what transpired in Brazil, the races for second place in both championships have grown more intriguing. Red Bull Racing has attempted to avoid an internal conflict after Max Verstappen prevented Sergio Perez from passing Charles Leclerc for second place last weekend. This weekend, we will learn the extent of the devastation latestforyouth .

Charles Leclerc became Ferrari’s chief opponent for the championship in 2022. The Monaco driver began the race with a significant points advantage over his rivals, but poor team decisions, driver errors newmags, and technical issues slowed him down.

Since Verstappen has already won the gold, Leclerc’s greatest save would land him in second place among Drivers. The issue is that he has the same number of points as Max Verstappen’s fellow Red Bull driver Sergio Perez.

Leclerc needs a one-point victory against Perez to finish second in the standings. Even if neither driver wins, Leclerc will remain in the lead with three victories to Perez’s two, and fans will enjoy the best odds in addition to the betting sports.

The circuit features two extensive DRS zones that make passing easier than on most circuits. However, the start-finish straight is not one of these DRS zones, which is odd.

Reminiscing Last Year’s Drama

Yas Marina is a noteworthy course due to its unique twists and bends. Every year since 2009, there has been a grand Prix, and all but two of those races have occurred at the end of the season.

The previous two races at this location were well-known for quite different reasons. In his final F1 race in 2020, Romain Grosjean walked through flames to exit his vehicle.

F1 fans are still debating the outcome of last year’s race, which determined the 2021 champion.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton battled for the win and the championship here last year. Max Verstappen and Red Bull appear to have the advantage this year in Abu Dhabi, where only Mercedes and Red Bull have won in the hybrid era.

Red Bull can break the Silver Arrows’ record of six victories this weekend in Yas Marina, and they probably will businesslognews. The current constructor’s champions had won nine consecutive Grands Prix until last weekend’s race in Sao Paulo, where Mercedes surprised with a one-two finish.

Ferrari ought to be Red Bull’s greatest rival, but Mercedes has improved over the previous several weeks.

Hamilton stated on Thursday that he hardly recalls last year’s dramatic Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. This week, the British driver may lose one of his several records.

Every year since his debut in 2007, Hamilton has won at least one race. However, he has yet to win in 2022 because of Mercedes’ difficulties with the car’s propensity to porpoise at high speeds over most of the season.

After finishing second to colleague George Russell in Brazil last week, his greatest chance appears to have passed, but he might be able to pull out a surprise for fans as they explore odds.

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