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Are “Blogger Outreach” Services Safe or Should I Avoid Them?

In the world of blogging, one of the most difficult tasks is the creation of proper networks with other bloggers. From the point of view of one blogger, this is quite difficult as they have to find out about a reputed blogger who is either better or equal as a blogger in the market in terms of influence.

The truth of blogger outreach services

Many bloggers around the market consider that blogger outreach services are not what they claim to be. These services usually claim that they would offer links to the blogger. But unfortunately, these links are not from the authority sites of the Internet. Instead, these links have come from websites or web pages

  • That has a high authority score but most people have not heard about its name.
  • That do not have much relevance or importance to the services of the business
  • With significantly low organic traffic along with poor Google indexing and major issues regarding the ranking of the overall website.
  • Those are obviously spam signals and it can be understood by just looking at a few of their posts. Such spam posts usually include spam links that are related to vacation rentals, roofing businesses or any other type.

There are various blogger outreach programs that do not offer links to clients. Instead, they might end up sending a long list consisting of some of the most popular and dignified bloggers of the industry. However, such outreach does not necessarily guarantee success.

What are the various steps that would allow a person to perform blogger outreach services safely?

Blogger outreach services are considered to be one of the most unique and effective techniques that allow a person in developing networks. Such services and programs are quite complex and time-consuming in nature because there are lots of trials, landing in the junk box of people, rejections of pitches amend other elements involved. It is often seen that bloggers have to email thousands of websites to get just one of their blog posts published.

  • Starting on a small scale: It is not possible for any business enterprise to get the attention of the leading names of the industry unless they have a massive audience that prefers to engage a lot. This can also be considered one of the main reasons why most popular bloggers are always busy with their work.

Starting on a small scale can act as a ladder in the whole process of outreach services. These bloggers would be given a rung and one of their primary responsibilities would be to the websites of the same rung or even higher. This can help the blogger in creating networks and eventually reaching out to a larger audience base

There are various websites over the Internet that allow interaction between individuals who might prefer engaging and exchanging their thoughts regarding blogs. Eventually, the blogger needs to develop their own portfolio consisting of published content that would help them climb the path of success through a ladder. With help of such content, a person can efficiently build connections with other bloggers and a better audience base.

The more a person engages with bloggers the more they get to know about the opportunities associated with it. The bloggers who have built connections and maintained them have significantly benefitted from them.

  • Auditing the various sites: With help of the data provided by some of the best search engines, a blogger can easily identify the red flags in a website that are otherwise harder to notice from the ground level.

The different factors a person must consider while analysing a certain website or web page is finding out whether it is updated on a regular basis or not, the states that are linked to the website, whether the name and picture of the author look like a genuine person instead of a stock photo

How can a person reach out?

If a blogger has already decided on a target blog then they should consider befriending the by different ways

  • Promoting their content: Finding one of the recent posts of the target blog and sharing it on their social media feeds and stories can prove to promote the content. Tagging the blog can be a good idea too as it would allow them to see the promotional post.
  • Subscribing or signing up for the newsletters of the blog: Signing up for the newsletters can prove to be a great way of engaging with the blog.
  • Monitoring their site for finding out errors: An experienced blogger would be capable of effort monitoring a site and finding out about inconsistencies, the underlying issue in it. Pointing out such issues through comments or emails can be a good step.
  • Picking out a method of outreach like guest posting: By providing guest blogging services a person can efficiently exchange ideas and content with a website.
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