Are bulldogs difficult to raise? Pros and cons of keeping bulldogs

If you’re looking for a Bulldog puppy, get one. are you sure I know this breed well? I’m going to take you to know more about the Bulldog dog breed to know. are ready to raise him happily. I am a person who loves this dog very much. When I was a child, I used to raise many of them. Which makes me want to write this article. One to share experiences and two to correct many people’s misconceptions about bulldogs.

Get to know the Bulldog

The Bulldogs are dogs that are not small, not large, with a large head but a short body, broad shoulders, strong bone, and joint structure. Height about 12 – 15 inches, weight about 18-25 kilograms, average age 8-13 years, soft fur, not hard. Most have white fur and different colored markings, mostly alternating dark brown and light brown. But the rarest color is dark gray.  

From the outside, the Bulldog may be a ferocious, scary-looking dog, but is actually a gentle, calm disposition, which is because Bulldogs were originally bred for. ‘Fighting the bull’, but in modern times it is bred to be calm. or is called Some of them even had no teeth. The most dangerous is being run over. So you can accurately determine how lovable Bulldogs are within your limits. In the next section, let’s look at the pros and cons of bulldogs.

The Benefits of Raising a Bulldog

Honesty is Very loyal and obedient to the owner. And get along well with other dogs.

Ability to protect the owner in dangerous situations (barking, but powerless)

Good dogs have high stamina, but may not be very intelligent and require a lot of training time.

Suitable for growing up in a house, apartment or condo because he doesn’t like sports. If you want to do an activity, it’s enough to just take them a short walk. If someone has a bulldog in the house, don’t worry about barking. Absolutely no disturbance to the people in the house or even the neighbors.

Disadvantages that you must learn about raising a bulldog

  • Because Bulldogs have a short nose and mouth. The lower jaw protrudes outward. As a result, there will be frequent wheezing and snoring at sleep. Similarly, short-faced dogs tend to have a lot of salivae.
  • with a dysfunctional respiratory system The heat dissipation is not very good. Therefore, it is very sensitive to sunlight. making it unable to withstand very hot weather There is a chance that heatstroke (Heat Stroke) is life-threatening. should be raised in an air-conditioned room to be more suitable
  • The digestive system is not good. It can cause frequent bloating. need to take care of the food
  • Bulldogs have skin problems. It is a fungus that occupies the wrinkled area of ​​the skin easily. If you do not take good care of inflamed skin
  • Although Bulldogs can be kept in a room. But if leaving him alone for a long time or not taking him to do activities for a long time could make him suffer from depression in animals. Should have time to pay special attention to him.

Who is Bulldog suitable for?

Bulldogs are ideal pets for the whole family. especially families with children or the elderly because a good playmate makes everyone happy Because the Bulldog has skin problems with wrinkles. Needs special care, frequent cleaning. Therefore, anyone thinking of raising them must have time to pay attention to this part as well.


Although Bulldogs are not very large in shape. But his structure was very strong. therefore not suitable for thin people Because when taking him to exercise or practicing skills, it takes a lot of force to play with him.

We can see that Bulldogs are suitable for those who do not like brushing dogs. Because they have short hair, they don’t need to be brushed or combed often. Overall, this means you don’t need to bathe as often as long-haired dogs. But in the summer, it may be necessary to use a towel to wipe the face instead. One thing you can’t escape from is the bulldog’s saliva when playing with him. Saliva will come out especially. Anyone who dislikes saliva is not suitable for feeding.

In conclusion, are bulldogs worth keeping?

Bulldogs are suitable for people who truly understand his character time to take care and are ready to feed him fully To have a good life until the end of life especially about money Because the cost is quite high enough

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