Banks are now in the hands of information technology

Online banking services are much older now. Even a few days ago, online banking was an important issue for this sector. Now that importance has shifted to digital banking. Banks are now in the hands of information technology. Customers no longer have to go to the bank to do banking. Money is being transferred from one bank to another while sitting at home. Not only that, the bank has now started offering app-based services.

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Not only bank to bank, but mobile banking facility is also available from the bank. All public sector and private sector banks are focusing on digital services. State-owned Sonali Bank is also launching app-based banking. Now the account is being opened in the bank through Sonali e-service sitting at home. Private sector Islami Bank is serving customers with Selfie App. Thus, along with the old banks, the new generation banks also focus on digital banking services. That means banking services are reaching from village to village, from city to city, from city to village and from village to town.
Islami Banks are leaning towards digital banking services.

Islami Bank accounts are being opened, especially at home. The money will be sent from one’s account to any other branch’s account while sitting at home. The bank has also recently increased the number of ATM booths. All kinds of transactions are being done from these ATM booths. Mobile banking cash is going to be withdrawn from here. By visitng this site you can know about the most popualr online store boutique fullz.

Customers are getting digital banking facility from sub-branch and agent branch at different thanaUpazila and union level. In other words, the account is being opened without going to Islami Bank. Money is going to be withdrawn without going to the bank. Even if there is no chequebook, the money is going to be withdrawn. With just a mobile in hand, any agent will withdraw money from the branch with a finger.

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