Best 10 ideas for wedding photoshoots

There are many examples of wedding photos on the Internet. Any celebration starts with trying on outfits, photos with guests, loving eyes looking into each other surrounded by family and friends ones. But many couples find such pictures boring. They will definitely take pride of place in a wedding album, but can you do without funny and unusual shots?

If you contact Vanilla Brides, you will have the best photos that match your wishes. These are not only solemn staged shots, but also pictures of “live” communication, great fun and joy.

To find out in what style our photographers work when they make photography for a wedding, visit Here you will find our portfolio with the best photos of each couple, taken by professionals. So which shots are more interesting?

1. Fluffy pets

If family includes a dog, don’t leave it at home on the wedding day. Shots with pets are always great, but also more often than not, unusual. A dog may turn away or stick out its tongue when you choose the best pose. Pictures with pets will definitely make your wedding album more relaxed. In addition, dogs often bring rings to the young couple, and if you want to add this tradition to your holiday, choose a stylish costume for your pet.

2. Celebration from above

To capture all guests, you often have to come up with various unusual wedding photography ideas. Newlyweds can:

  • take a selfie stick with them and climb on a chair so that everyone is in the frame;
  • ask the photographer to stand as high as possible and take a panoramic photo;
  • use a drone.

Photos taken with a quadcopter will definitely capture every guest. You can take a picture of the wedding location and pose cutely on the sidelines while the drone flies above you.

3. Bad weather is not a problem

The best time for a celebration is a warm summer or spring day. You don’t need to take warm clothes with you, and your face will glow with a pretty blush. But what if it rains or suddenly a strong wind blows? Grab your umbrellas and go for a photo shoot! There are no barriers for your love, the wind will twist your curls, and you can hide under a bright and beautiful umbrella from the rain.

4. Reflection of love

There are many houses in the city, the walls of which are made of glass. Why not go there to make a photo in the reflection? If your wedding is on a shore, you can invite a photographer to go into the water and take a photo in which your faces will be reflected on its surface.

5. Smoke and steam

Recently, vaping has become very popular. If you are used to surrounding yourself with puffs of steam, use these wedding photoshoot ideas. Make steam rings during a photo shoot. An alternative option is colored smoke around which your guests stand.

6. Escape

Perhaps you are already tired of guests and want to joke around a little. Get in a car and start driving into the sunset while your friends watch your escape with surprised faces. The shots will turn out to be very funny.

7. A bit of childhood

Remember how you used to fool around with soap bubbles or balloons as a kid? Bring this laid-back vibe to your own wedding. Take a bubble machine with you, inflate balloons, beat the pinata with bats — any entertainment will not only help you get away from the hustle and bustle but also get great photos.

8. Photo with fishes

If you love diving, don’t miss the opportunity to show your hobby at your own wedding. Take photos underwater in the sea or in a pool — funny and hilarious shots are guaranteed.

9. Under the veil

Not only the bride can hide her face under the wedding veil. Hide from the guests together — the photographer will capture your hugs and kisses covered by a thin veil. The shots will be especially beautiful if the veil reaches the floor.

10. Swap roles

There are many funny shots on the Internet when girls try to take poses in which men are usually photographed. The groom does the same with his friends. Why not take these ideas for wedding photoshoots and try to bring them to life at your own wedding! After the event, you will look through the ready photos and remember those wonderful moments with a smile.

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