Best Free Spins Slots to Play Online 

As far as gambling games in the 21st century go you cannot really beat the wonderful world of online slots, online casino games that have well and truly blown the gambling realm wide open. Slots are nothing new of course, they have been around since the late 1800s, and during the latter half of the 20th century they were all the rage, helping to popularise the emerging casino scene in now-legendary places like Las Vegas. 

Whilst you cannot deny that slot machines were incredibly well-loved in brick and mortar casinos throughout the 20th century, the truth is that the modern world of online slots in online casinos is far more impressive. There are multiple reasons why this is the case, of course, and one of the most prominent has got to be the fact that slots often come with tantalizing free spins features. Keep reading for the best no deposit free spins slots to play online. 

Free spins: What are they? 

Right then, first things first, what actually are free spins? For complete and utter slot beginners the concept of free spins could perhaps be a little difficult to understand adequately, however it really couldn’t be easier to work out what free spins are. It literally says it in the name! Free spins are exactly that – free spins. 

Of course, the very first slot machines designed by the likes of Charles D. Fey certainly didn’t have free spins, however free spins were one of the first extra features to be added to slot machines, mainly because they look so appealing to potential gamblers! 

Different kinds of free spins slots 

Free spins have been around for quite a few decades now, and as a result slot developers have had to think up a few different types of free spins slots in order to keep things interesting. Let’s take a look at some different kinds of free spins slots below: 

  •         Standard free spins slot: Pretty much all online slots these days will have some kind of free spins bonus round, and this is what we tend to call a standard free spins slot. You can play these in most online casinos, it doesn’t take long to find them!
  •         Multiplier free spins slots: Whilst free spins on their own can be immensely exciting, they are no match for multiplier free spin slots! In these free spins rounds gamblers can win a pretty hefty prize because of the added multipliers, definitely not something to miss.
  •         Sticky free spins slots: Another new way for developers to keep their free spins rounds interesting is with sticky free spins slots. What does this mean? Well, with sticky free spins some of the most valuable icons will stick in place throughout the free spins round, meaning you can make more juicy wins.

A pick of the best free spins slots 

As you can probably tell by now, online slot free spins are remarkably exciting, here are a pick of the best free spins slots available: 

  •         Thunderstruck II
  •         Gonzo’s Quest Megaways
  •         Immortal Romance

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