Best marketing strategies for your T-shirt business

With the world getting so futuristic, everything is changing so drastically. Be it the IT business world, Infratech business, or any apparels’ business. It is no use to start a business if you are not planning it properly. To cope up with the competition, one has to plan and strategize things accordingly. The same is the case with the t-shirt business.

There are multiple brands that have started this business and have failed due to some or the other reason. The most common mistake that was found in the system was the wrong strategy. If you are opening a t-shirt designing brand then you should keep a few important things in your mind so that you don’t fall for the same mistakes.

But before you start with the branding and selling part; make sure you have got some amazing designs and the templates ready and in place. Once that’s done, follow the below-listed marketing strategies to ensure that your business booms as you expected.

  • Do a thorough research

For every business to start on a positive note, you need to bring together a few experiences and dynamic minds together. This will cover your marketing strategies and also the creative designs. Both of which play a crucial role in making your business better right from the start. Then ensure that you strategize things according to your customers. When you start working after understanding your audience then it offers you an edge over others. Your t-shirt design should resonate with what the customers are looking for.

When you do thorough research in the market you automatically understand what will attract the consumers. So, don’t just conduct market research, understand it and find the important information. Here are a few things that will help you in doing the research well:

  1. Conduct timely surveys on different portals.
  2. You get free analytics with some important features on the social media handles. Use them to know the activities of your customers.
  3. To increase your reach, join relevant social media forums, groups, and events.
  4. Keep an eye out on Q n A platforms.

You can collect the information from these and create a strategy thereafter.

  • Create your website

If you are selling branding hoodies, shirts, pants, or t-shirts; it is quite obvious to have an e-commerce website of your own. On other e-commerce websites, you can sell your products but there are some drawbacks to doing so. And having an e-commerce website is not enough. You must pair it up with another support system such as a blog website. To sell your t-shirts online, you should have a blogging website so that you can provide a boost to the e-commerce website. For the website design you will have to hire a professional website designer.

If you strategize and plan well, your blogging website can help in building your business and improving your brand value. With certain quick tricks, you can intrigue and gain multiple untold visitors. Your potential customers after reading your blogs will also come looking for you. Here are the things that you will have to do:

  1. Buy a domain
  2. Get shared hosting
  3. Look for a premium theme
  4. Add some premium plugins

These are the least things that you will require for your blogging website.

  • Engaging content should be posted timely

Be it the social media handles of your business profile, blogging website, or any other forms you are looking at. Engaging content is going to be the base and top of everything. If you think, just having a good e-commerce website is going to be enough, think twice. If you want to attract more people, or even get the attention of more people; it is important to post content timely.

You can post pictures of the cool graphic just like turkish tea shirt that are available in your store. Creating blogs, social media posts and even videos can do the trick. Make all your posts timely and systematically. One of the best ways to get more people is through infographics. In the field you are working, engaging content includes infographics on social media websites.

  • Do not leave the hand of social media

Your business handle might be new to social media platforms but not you. With such a huge viewership; social media platforms have a lot of potential customers. It is a very important thing to understand that integration of these social media handles in your website can be very helpful. You can regularly post your new t-shirt designs and show your followers how good you are.

Just the integration is not the complete thing. You will have to ensure consistency and branding. Once you start posting online, do not forget to include your branding on it. People should know the name where they will get what they are looking at. So, in every post, you can simply put a tag either somewhere on the t-shirt or at the bottom like PrintShop by Designhill. This branding will inform people as to who are the ones creating these amazing tees.

  • Discounts and deals

Offers, deals, discounts are the best pals of your customers. People now always want to get better deals and discounts on their picks just like on papa shirts on father’s day. So, if you want to survive in the competition, it is kind of important and necessary to give deals and discounts.


These are just a few of so many strategies that can be used. But more or less, these strategies are the ones you should be integrating into your business. These basic ones have a lot of impact in the longer run. But once you get the traction, do not forget to hold them off because that is also of utmost importance. Consider using these for the starters and then build on your strategies.

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