Best way to ship oddly-shaped items

Nowadays international package shipping has become very convenient. You can easily send items across the world. Nevertheless, figuring out the best way to ship unusual items may still pose a challenge.

Do you have an item to send that’s odd in shape? Don’t worry! It’ll be a cakewalk to ship it internationally if you follow this brief guide.

Let’s get started.

Choose a proper external packaging

There’s a great variety of external packaging for international shipping. From envelopes and poly mailers to cardboard and wooden boxes. Usually, a poly mailer is sturdy enough for small items even when shipping to Poland from the USA. But when it comes to oddly-shaped goods, a box is your best bet.

Since your items are of unusual shape, you need to pick a box that’s slightly larger so that all the edges fit comfortably within it. If you can’t find the right-size box, you may try to construct your own! Just be sure to double-test the durability of your custom-made box before you hand over your parcel for shipping.

Take care of internal packaging

To ensure a safe package delivery of your oddly-shaped items, you need to be diligent with internal packaging. Start by cushioning the bottom of the box. Cover it with bubble wrap or anything suitable you have at hand, e.g. newspapers or kraft paper.

The next step is to wrap each item individually and then put them into the box. Fill in the remaining space with padding to immobilize the goods. Don’t forget to put the last protective layer on top before closing the lid.

If you’re worried that all these cushioning materials might increase the weight of your parcel, and consequently the shipping cost, too much, it’s best to consult a shipping rates calculator before making any decisions. The lack of padding may result in a ruined package.

Pad all the sharp edges

If your irregular item has any sharp edges, you need to pay extra attention to them. Safety is very important when shipping internationally. That’s why you need to make sure that no edge protrudes the packaging during transit.

For one-piece items, cover the edge with cardboard or other protective material. For items that can be dismantled, take them apart and wrap each piece separately.

Consider waterproofing your parcel

Some oddly-shaped items may be susceptible not only to impact damage, but also to water damage. And since the road to their destination point is long, it won’t do harm to waterproof your package.

Wrap your items with plastic or put them into a plastic bag. It won’t let the moisture reach the item even if some leaks occur during transit. You can also add a moisture absorber, such as a packet of silica gel.

Select a professional shipping service

Finally, the best way to ship oddly-shaped items is to select a reliable carrier. You can choose from several shipping companies, so take your time and analyze the benefits their offer. Compare the shipping rates and what comes with them. Keep in mind that low prices shouldn’t be the only determinant.

Oddly-shaped items require additional care when sending them overseas. But if you memorize these steps, you’ll be guaranteed to ship them safely!

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