Bhutan’s favourite honeymoon destination is one of the favourite destinations for adventure and natural beauty in Bhutan

Always see snow in Chellella Ha. The ideal time for Bhutan Acer is from October to May. It is better not to come during the rainy season. If you go to Bhutan during the winter, you can experience the snowfall near Dochula. The level of snow in Bhutan has dropped significantly. However, in December and January, you can see the snow. Bhutan is a mountainous country with different rivers. Clean and tidy farmland in places fills the country with various colours.

Can visit Bhutan without a visa or passport.

No passport is required to visit Bhutan. Special permission is required for this trip by entering Fulsealing. Permission requires two photographs and a voter card. Here you will find the happiness of trekking. Horses graze on the Tiger Nest, many of which are on foot. This trek takes 5 to 6 hours. The number of people here is deficient. As a result, a quiet heavenly peace prevails here.
If you want to go to Bhutan, you can go by train, car or plane.

Permission or clearance fair means only two places to visit, Thimphu and Paro. It also takes special permission to go elsewhere. One of which is Chellella Ha. Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan. The atmosphere here is quite magnificent—the market in front. However, the price of things is relatively high. The picture is the same in the case of food. Bhutan is crowded with tourists throughout the year. Travelling to Bhutan takes six nights and seven days. The cost per capita is approximately 15 to 16 thousand rupees. The architecture and clothing here are quite eye-catching, which is very different from other hilly regions. And the experience of reaching by plane is the best.

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