Build An Audience On WhatsApp And Increase Your Sales

Email marketing currently has a 15-20 percent open rate, with membership lists shrinking at a pace of 25% per year. People’s email addresses change as their occupations and names change (through marriage or other means). Direct and bulk WhatsApp Marketing, on the other hand, has a high engagement rate and is quickly rising to the top of every digital marketer’s priority list.

WhatsApp business has a greater engagement rate than Facebook, with a rate of over 70%. With such a broad reach, it provides firms with a highly responsive marketing platform. It enables you to submit photographs, audio files, and short video clips of your items, resulting in a high level of engagement. And, unlike SMS or email, WhatsApp business has less format constraints, increasing your odds of delivery.

We’ll show you how to monetize WhatsApp business group-chat function by establishing an audience and using it as a platform to increase your sales in this blog post.

The Recipe to Building an Audience

For promotional reasons, the advantage of group chat over direct one-on-one texting is obvious: it’s a quick and easy way to reach a big number of individuals in one go. You may communicate with up to 256 people at once using WhatsApp business group chat feature. A WhatsApp marketing for business group may be created in 5 easy steps, and one of its most useful features is the personalized link invite.

You can ask individuals to join your group simply by posting the URL if you are the group admin. This eliminates the need to manually enter customer phone numbers into a contact list and then add them to a WhatsApp business group.

A WhatsApp business  link by Whatso is also incredibly easy to publish and incorporate into websites, which is just one of the ways you can expand your subscriber base (more of which we get into below). You don’t have to limit yourself to one group after yours has reached its maximum capacity; you can create as many as you want.

Finding Group Members

It’s time to encourage clients to join your organization after you’ve built it through WhatsApp marketing for business. There are various options available to you, and we’ve included a few of them here.


Make use of your online presence to inspire people to take action. Your group chat link may be added to your website and social media pages, allowing others to join with just one click. The goal of a call-to-action is to directly invite people to participate, but don’t forget to give them a reason to do so through WhatsApp marketing for business. Make an exclusive offer available only to group-chat members to entice them. You can use Whatso all in one marketing automation platform to achieve this goal.


Use a subscription-based technique in the same way you would any other. Ask customers if they want to get exclusive offers via WhatsApp marketing for business when they sign up for your newsletter, create a customer profile, or complete a purchase. Make sure you don’t reuse customer information from other forms and get permission before adding them to your list. You can do so through Whatso SMS Marketing Software.

Create a Promotion

A simple “enter-to-win” or “join-to-win” promotional offer works wonderfully in this scenario. Invite individuals to join your organization in exchange for a chance to win >>insert prize here, but make sure to mention the long-term rewards as well.

Tell them what they’ll get out of joining your WhatsApp business group, so the benefits aren’t limited to the one-time incentive. Consider collaborating on a cross-promotion. It’s a great approach to expanding your audience. You can use Whatso bulk sender software to create a promotion.

Word of Mouth

Wherever you’re interacting with a customer in person, whether it’s at a trade show, a meeting, or a good old brick and mortar, it’s a fantastic moment to ask if they’d like to join your message list. A fast mental switch is all it takes if you’re uncomfortable and think you’re being pushy. Remember that by allowing your customers to join up for additional perks, you are doing them a favor. It’s not a bad idea to inquire.

The Perfect Offer: What to Send your Customers?

You’ve formed your group, recruited members, and now you’re wondering what to send. Content reigns supreme. Click-throughs, purchases, and retention are all dependent on engaging content (which ultimately leads to more sales). In the area of direct messaging, what constitutes engaging material differs from what constitutes engaging content in e-mail marketing. You should keep the following points in mind:

  • Make it unique.
  • Maintain brevity and simplicity.
  • Keep your visits to a minimum.

Make something special available to your consumers solely through your WhatsApp group. This provides them a cause to sign up and a reason to stay. Discounts, promotions, and freebies, such as no-cost shipping, all help. You can even send your message with a brief stay tuned’ message, informing your consumer that by remaining in the group, they will have access to other deals.

It’s also crucial to keep your message brief. Long-winded content should be saved for another platform, even though WhatsApp marketing software supports up to 65,536 characters (phew). Your customers will want you to send them direct messages that are brief, simple, and to-the-point.

The Bottomline

Group chats currently allow all members to take part in the discourse. It’s fine to have a little back-and-forth, and it’s a terrific way to interact with your customers. However, too many interruptions can sometimes detract from the main product. Admins will be able to stop the chat feature within a group in the near future, allowing only the admin to send messages. Of course, whether this works for your organization depends on your business model, but the option to turn it off and on will be present. Use Whatso marketing tool and see your revenue skyrocket 10x.

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