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Investors are choosing gold for their portfolios for numerous reasons but mainly as a way to balance what otherwise would be paper-heavy portfolios. The precious metal helps stabilize the holdings in the instance of financial turmoil, which seems to happen quite a lot or at least has over the past couple of decades.

When buying gold for investment, there is a level of diversification, allowing a bit of a hedge when inflation strikes. That’s not saying the metal is without its own volatility and risk.

But when one class is experiencing its share of problems, one will step up, and when the other is having trouble, the other one will take the floor, so it works out favorably for the investor.

Why Should You Add Gold To Your Investment Package

Gold is a slow-growing option, while paper assets tend to be more vigorous. The metal is also an expensive commodity to maintain in that the custodian needs to specialize in these holdings; there needs to be insurance and safe/secure IRS-approved storage.

The suggestion is to purchase a small amount and not inundate a portfolio with gold, roughly 5-10%. It is more of a longer-term payout that would be beneficial as a retirement holding since it will overall protect wealth in the instance of a recession and grow at a gradual yet steady pace. Go here for the guidance of buying and selling the precious metal. You’ll find four ways to invest in the metal.

●Physical gold

This also references as bullion. Most people envision these products when considering the option for investing with items like chunks of pure gold, coins, jewelry, and bars. The physical commodity is probably the most enticing method for your foray into a gold investment, but it can also prove tricky for purchase, storing, and attempting to sell.

There tends to be a significant markup with these pieces with little likelihood of getting the value back with the resale as far as gold jewelry. Many buy the items with the intention of selling them back for more than what they purchased them for. Still, the indication is appraisals are a complex process, and generally, people leave disappointed.

●Gold Stocks

Purchasing a gold mining company’s stock is comparable to buying standard individual stocks in that there is some risk involved. But the upside is you control the company with whom you invest.

An investor might decide to support a company that upholds environmental integrity over a company that doesn’t. With these investments, you won’t have the physical commodity to hold onto, but there is the advantage of carrying an asset that can be sold when you choose.

●Gold Funds

Gold mutual fund investments provide shares in many assets, such as companies that either process or mine the precious metal. You don’t own the individual stocks or the physical gold, however.

These mutual funds or “exchange-traded funds” offer greater liquidity than if you own the physical commodity and provide a higher degree of diversity than an individual stock. Legal protections are also a part of these products, but you’ll find some funds come with management costs.

● Gold Futures

When you set up an agreement that you will purchase or sell a specific amount of gold on a later date that boasts a gold futures contract. On the exchange, these futures are what investors trade.

They provide much more liquidity than the physical commodity, plus there are no management costs. Still, brokerages have the potential for asking for commission, also referenced as a “trade fee” for each contract.

The suggestion is that these are exceptionally risky and not something a new investor should start with. Losses can exceed the money invested initially.

Is Gold The Right Investment For You

The best advice when investing is never to get emotional when it comes to investments. All assets will have risk and volatility; that’s a normal part of the process.

When you develop your strategy, it’s wise to stay true to that plan and not stray from it too much. Ultimately, especially if you’re working with good advisors, the outcome will be successful.

Whenever you see ups and downs, that doesn’t mean going and doing something to make amends for what’s happened to your holdings. It will eventually work itself out. That being said, some investors need to have a commodity they can hold onto when the paper is making them nervous (emotional).

If you need that level of diversification and feel it helps balance the turbulence you see on the market, take comfort in that and put a little bit into your portfolio, but don’t overdo it with the precious metal.

Again, you don’t want to make it lopsided in the other direction. Roughly 5-10% depending on the strength of your holding, is a good amount. Find out if you should invest in gold at

Final Thought

It’s important to remember that all investments offer a level of volatility and risk; they’re just different. It would help if you learned what they are for each option before making investment choices to assure that you’re making educated choices.

Just because gold has a reputation for holding its own in a recession, what risks does it present, what are the downsides, and how will these affect your strategy? The metal offers many advantages, which is why it’s a hot commodity but learning the cons makes a wise investor.

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