Call center and outsourcing : many ” pros ” and some “cons”

It will be a surprise for many, but the first call center appeared more than 70 years ago. At that time, they used to have automatic call distributors, advanced for that time, on two lines: outgoing and incoming communication. Nowadays, modern call centers have advanced technological equipment, but the very understanding of what a call center is has remained unchanged.

Call center outsourcing

It is a dream for any organization to have the maximum reduction in their production costs since it creates a favourable business environment for small and large businesses. This is the reason the demand for outsourcing call center services is increasing day by day.

In easy-peasy language, it involves transferring some non-core function of an organization to a third-party vendor, including the rental of call center operators. Usually, companies offering Call Center Outsourcing services have undergone special training and are ready to start performing their duties immediately.

Call center functions:

Following are the main task a call center should be able to solve:

  • The primary function of any call center is to process the calls of regular, new and old customers.
  • They can listen to the information provided by the customers in the form of voice messages and provide them with relevant information automatically.
  • They can also help reduce the work pressure from employees performing routine actions. In addition, modern call center programs can automate a variety of tasks, including answering customer questions: “how to get to the office”, “how much does a product or service cost”, “working hours”, and others.
  • Conduct surveys, opinion polls, perform promotion and pre-sales of goods and services.
  • Customer service/support.
  • Help create an effective communication system by reducing the waiting time and using sales scenarios in communication.

For performing the task mentioned above with ease, the functionality of the call center must be at its best. Modern call centers employ computer systems, automated devices for call distribution and call accounting.

Top customer service outsourcing companies must have the following functionality:

  • Automatic call registration;
  • Call recording;
  • Distribution of calls;
  • Collection and storage of customer data in the database, with analytics of call history;
  • They should also have a system for sound notification and visual display about an incoming missed call;
  • Drawing up graphs, diagrams, schemes of work of an individual employee and for the entire team;

Why are call center services in demand among companies?

Effective telemarketing is a must for any organization that wants to expand itself. Usually, it is a combination of employee experience and technological solutions. According to this, we can easily draw three proofs of the high demand for call-center in business:

  1. A call center provides the most effective way to distribute a company’s communication resources. It can include distributing incoming calls, automatic calls, setting up different roles, creating an efficient customer base, and more.
  2. Workflow control and high-quality services. In addition to direct sales and service, the call centre collects analytical data and records conversations with customers.  All these services can help an organization increase its customer base, loyalty as well as develop and implement a more effective marketing strategy.
  3. Helps improve the efficiency of customer query processing. Also, operators can incorporate sales scripts during the conversation and test different marketing techniques with real clients.

Modern technological advances in a call centre working enable them to automate dialling for outgoing calls, collect customer data, and track missed calls. All this can help increase customer loyalty and also save up to 30% of employees’ time.

Why outsourcing call center is so popular

Outsourcing has already become a cost-saving solution for multiple businesses. Why hunt for professionals and train them if you can hire a team that is already performing their duties in a different call center. The same story goes for furniture, equipment and software. To cut a long story short, there is no need to spend any money on a side process when it is already main for some company.

Top companies offering remote call centres have a flexible approach towards different types of businesses. Also, they know how to handle a particular process and already have developed algorithms. It doesn’t matter if the goal is to make cold calls or invite regular customers to the company’s birthday..

Multitasking is at the heart of outsourcing call companies.  Organizations should not be afraid to contact such professionals as this will help save company resources and shorten the path to success.

Usually, call center employees can easily sell anything, advice and provide technical support. In addition, most of them operate internationally and could provide service not only in English but also in Hindi, German, French and other languages. The multitasking approach of their employees allows organizations to provide high-quality advice to customers, from online stores to restaurants.

Getting started with a remote call centre is like stealing candy from a baby- straightforward. Organizations just need to describe their needs, choose the audience, time of calls, set goals and choose the matrix for evaluating the effectiveness. They will undertake the rest, create scripts, sales algorithms and control the quality of work. In addition, companies can listen to each conversation and then decide what disadvantages and advantages their target audience sees, what should be changed and where it is easy to push.

Own contact center or outsourcing: pros and cons

Companies can organize their own call centers. In this case, the main advantages they will get is the ability to independently hire and control employees or add operator functions to its existing employees. The disadvantages includes:

  • The need for full social security under applicable law.
  • Arrangement of workplaces.
  • Staff training.

As for the outsourced call center, its advantages include:

Organization can directly hire a team of specialists with professional equipment, accessories, and softwares. In addition, they also have a dedicated team of  IT specialists, developers who will create unique solutions, taking into account the specifics of the activity of a particular enterprise. Companies can expect a high quality of communication and intelligibility of speech during telephonic conversation with clients.

The top customer service outsourcing company will also provide transparent reporting with detailed statistics and call records. They can also assign a personal manager who always stays in touch, consults, and provides reports upon request at any time.

About the company:

Maxicus is a self-sufficient, technology-based Back Office & Customer Support vertical under the KocharTech umbrella. Their main activity is providing contact center services for processing incoming requests, outgoing calls and mailings of customers. The staff employs qualified operators, managers, project managers. Pieces of training are regularly conducted to improve the qualifications of employees, taking into account the latest trends in the provision of call center services.

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