Canada vs Australia: What is the best destination to study?

The North American country and the territory in Oceania are two of the nations preferred by international students to carry out both their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. International tops have cataloged some of the higher education institutions in these parts of the world, as “the best in the world”. If you plan to start or continue your academic career abroad, just read on! We tell you which is the best destination to study between Canada and Australia.


Although both countries have high quality educational centers, with flexible immigration rules, a tolerant society, incredible infrastructure and security; both Canada and Australia have universities that specialize in strengthening some academic fields more than others.


In the North American country, you will find institutions that are constantly betting on technology and innovation programs. In addition, there are also highly certified majors in: Business Administration; media and journalism; agriculture, science and forestry; medicine; basic engineering and management; business; and physical and earth sciences.

In the ranking of the “100 Best Universities in the World” by QS Top Universities, the University of Toronto ranked 25th; McGill University in 31 and the University of British Columbia in 45.


In the country in Oceania, you will find highly certified courses in: Creative arts and design; medicine; bussines and administration; environmental sciences; computer science; accounting, hotel management and laws.

In the QS Top Universities “100 Best Universities in the World” ranking, the Australian National University was ranked 31st; the University of Sydney in 1940; the University of Melbourne in 41; the University of Queensland in 46; Monash University in 55 and the University of Western Australia in 92. To find more universities in Australia, just go to: School Finder.



Regarding costs, it is no secret to anyone that studying in Canada is less expensive than doing it in Australia. In case you are interested in going to study in the country of America, according to the University Study web portal, you may need between C $ 20,000 and C $ 30,000 per year to cover the cost of tuition.

Regarding costs of housing, food, services, health, transport, activities, etc., this will depend on the city and province where you want to reside, since some areas of Canada are more affordable than others.


If, on the other hand, you are more interested in Australia, there the prices are usually a little higher. According to the Studies in Australia website, the annual cost of an undergraduate degree can range from $ 15,000 to $ 39,000; that of a postgraduate master’s degree, between $ 20,000 and $ 37,000; that of a doctorate, between $ 14,000 and $ 37,000; and a master’s degree in business administration and management education, between $ 11,000 and more than $ 121,000 (the school year).

Similarly, living and other costs vary from location to location. Australia is generally between 35% and 42% more expensive than Canada, this according to data provided by NationMaster.

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Both nations can offer you unique and unmatched experiences. In Canada you will feel that you change country every three months, because there the seasons are very noticeable and each one brings its own magic.

Likewise, Australia is not far behind, although the seasons in this place are “opposite” to those in the northern hemisphere, there you can enjoy different places and more than 10,000 beaches.

In a word, Canada and Australia are both good destinations to study. But if you want to choose the best one between them, then you should start from your own needs – only the suitable one is the right one.

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