Top 5 Scholarships to Study in Ireland

Ireland is a popular choice for students who wish to pursue higher education in Europe. The small and scenic nation is known for its rich culture and has become a hotspot for international students.

The government of Ireland and several universities offer scholarships at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate levels to international students. We can discuss some of the best available scholarships.

Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship

Under this scheme, 60 scholarships are awarded annually in Ireland for one year. These are available at the undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD levels. Around 10,000 euros are granted to students. The tuition fee is fully compensated, along with any other registration costs at the university.

There is also the Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship, which is funded by the Department of Education and Skills. The stipend provided is 16,000 euros per annum, a contribution towards tuition fees up to 5,750 euros per annum. Research expenses of up to 2,250 euros are also compensated under the scholarship.

The Walsh Fellowship

This fellowship is awarded to postgraduates working in any field related to Teagasc Research and Knowledge Transfer Program. The relevant fields are environment, economics, rural development, food crops, animals and grasslands. The application process begins in June and ends in September each year.

There are 30 new vacancies every year and each candidate is granted 22,000 euros. For an MSc course, the scholarship is for two years and for the PhD, the duration is four years. The location is ideally the Teagasc Research Centre, but candidates can pursue their research elsewhere too.

Fulbright/Dublin City University Taught Master’s Program Award

The candidate who receives this scholarship award can pursue a taught Master’s program at Dublin City University which will build on the previous academic work of the candidate or assist in future studies. The university is a new and dynamic one that aims to transform lives through education. The scholarship is granted for 10 months and candidates from undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels can apply.

Eligibility criteria

  • Candidates who possess academic excellence and demonstrate leadership potential
  • Candidates who will be willing to work passionately towards the Irish society and the works of the Fulbright Commission.
  • Candidates who can demonstrate clearly why Ireland and Fulbright fit into their academic careers.

Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS)

The aim of the Irish Research Council is to create and sustain a community of researchers from all fields in Ireland. They fund groundbreaking research projects in social sciences, life sciences, humanities, law, etc. to create new knowledge that will ultimately help society. There are several grants given out for postgraduate and postdoctoral research. The Dorothy Cofund, for instance, is an initiative that aims at reducing barriers and helping researchers collaborate on issues related to public health crises. Irish Research Council-European Southern Observatory Studentship Program offers a great opportunity to any talented astronomy student to pursue a PhD at a renowned observatory.

Global Excellence Postgraduate Scholarships

These scholarships are given to students who wish to pursue Master’s courses at the University College Dublin. It covers all subjects. The scholarship comes in the form of a reduction of tuition fees in the first year of study (the value is up to 5,000 euros).

Eligibility criteria

  • Candidates will be judged based on their academic achievements prior to applying.
  • Candidates will also face an evaluation of their potential to be able to contribute to the Trinity community.

These scholarships are just a handful among the wide range of scholarships and grants available for students who wish to study in Ireland. These scholarships aim to ensure that talented young academics get the best opportunities in Ireland and face no interruptions in their ambitions due to financial constraints.

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