Check Out These Huge Positives of Using Geranium Oil in Your Perfumes 

There’s no doubt that perfumes have endeared themselves in our daily routines and have become a crucial variable in how people present themselves. They help fight body odor and provide a great scent to complement a fabulous outfit so that you’ll have everyone’s attention in every room you walk into.

However, not many people know that they can upgrade an already magnificent fragrance. Introducing Geranium essential oil.

Geranium oil, which comes from the geranium plant, is quickly gaining recognition for its health and cosmetic benefits. If you’re just learning about it now, you’ll be surprised to know that people have used this miracle oil for centuries; dating back as early as Ancient Egypt.

Today, this incredible oil is a staple, appearing in all kinds of products, including creams, bath essentials, insect repellants, medical ointments, and, more recently, fragrances.

Adding a few drops of geranium oil to your Chanel, Elizabeth Arden, or Comme des Garcons Perfumes can help you enjoy some of the wonderful benefits the oil is known for. More specifically it:

1. Takes Away Stress, Calms Your Nerves, and Lifts Your Mood

Did you know that geranium oil’s sweet, fresh scent can actually help your body and mind relax? It instantly induces a soothing, calming feeling when inhaled. So, if you are like many of us, struggle with anxiety, adding the oil to your perfume may help steady your nerves and lift your spirits.

This super oil can come in handy if you deal with stress a lot in your everyday life. You will, of course, need to practice other stress-relieving measures for the best results.

Also, since the oil is known to ease the itching when applied, spraying it on your skin along with your perfume can calm physical discomfort. It’s no wonder geranium oil is such a popular ingredient in massage products.

2. Improves Your Brain Function & Mental Focus

Been struggling with low focus, concentration dips, or low energy? A couple of drops of geranium oil can help get you back on track. This super oil is great for boosting brain functions and overall focus.

In most cases, poor concentration and high distractibility are closely linked with higher anxiety or stress. Inhaling geranium oil fused with your perfume can help lower your stress levels and, therefore, clear your mind. A clear mind, in turn, creates enough room to think and focus on the essential tasks.

3. Takes Care of Unpleasant, and Often Embarrassing, Body Odor

Smelling happens to be one of the most important senses we possess. That is because we use it to judge almost everything around us, from food and personal care items to people. Yes, people will meet you and subconsciously judge you from how you smell.

As long as you are active, sweating is a must. However, body odor doesn’t have to be.

A lovely, long-lasting perfume is definitely an excellent and truly a must-add product to your hygiene essentials collection. When you add geranium oil to your fragrance, you create a more potent odor-control scent. So, you never have to worry about that distinct musky smell, especially on summer days. Geranium oil’s pleasant flowery scent adds a feeling of freshness.

Smell and Feel Great with Geranium Oil in Your Signature Fragrance

Geranium oil has so many incredible benefits for the mind, skin, and overall body when it comes to aromatherapy. It might have inspiring, energizing, and uplifting effects, promoting a sense of calm, good health, and positivity.

Make sure to cover the container and shake the mixture thoroughly if you want to create the best blend between your favorite perfume and the geranium oil.

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