Class 11 Biology Tips: How to Score Good Marks

Biology is a fascinating subject. You will be able to relate more to this subject than Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. However, it is also a vast subject containing loads of difficult terms to remember. Class 11 Biology in particular has topics that students may find boring and dry. It then becomes very difficult to show interest in such a subject and consequently, your marks will suffer.

We have prepared a list of simple tips that can help you score great marks in Class Biology.

  • How to begin?

This is the question that every student has to deal with. How to begin the preparation? Which topics to start from? When to start? This first step is very crucial and will decide the flow of your preparation. Experts recommend two major pointers for this. First,   have a good idea about the syllabus. You can download the syllabus for Term, Term II and final exams from the official CBSE website. In case the CBSE has not released the official board syllabus yet, looking at the previous years’ syllabus will also give you a good idea. Following that, try to go through some previous years’ question papers to understand the pattern of the exam. This also helps you decide the correct approach toward exam preparation. Lastly, Class 11 Biology has 22 chapters in total. Thus your plan must be to complete the entire syllabus well in advance. A good piece of advice would be to start with the difficult and more time-consuming chapters quite early so that all you need to do to revise them later.

  • Start early

As you know by now that Class 11 Biology has a huge syllabus, it will do you well to begin at the earliest. The first step will be to stay active and attentive since the start of the academic year. Pay attention in your classes and try to get as much as possible learned at this stage itself. When you are taught something in class, revise it well at home. Look for a few animated videos on the topic. Getting the same information from a variety of different sources in the form of explanations, video lectures, animations, notes, etc will make the information stick strongly with you.

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  • Make notes

Although personalized notes are important for every subject, they carry special importance for Class 11 Biology. You will need to learn important processes, names, characteristics, diagrams, and uses on a variety of topics. If you are not on top of making notes from the start of the year, you are likely going to regret it later. As the exams approach closer, you will not have enough time to go through the entire textbook properly. Revision notes will be your savior at this instant. When making notes, stick to the NCERT content. The NCERT textbooks are enough for your exam preparation. They carry all the important information explained well. Whether you are a student from English or Hindi medium, notes should be prepared from the NCERT textbook itself. Class 11 Biology NCERT Book in Hindi or English is the only textbook you need to pay attention to.  

  • Online videos are  a great help

In this technologically advanced world, the students of today have a great advantage of getting help in their studies from the internet. You will find several platforms specially dedicated to Class 11 Biology that provide you with tests, easy-to-understand explanations, study schedules, and even exam strategies to help you get a perfect score in exams. Choose one credible platform and stick to it throughout the year. The best part is that videos from expert teachers and toppers are free. If you have an internet connection you are all set to get that extra help in your studies from an experienced professional. 

  • Have separate notebooks:

Keep separate notebooks for your revision notes and diagrams. A notebook dedicated only to properly labeled diagrams comes in very handy for revision.

  • Use visual aids

Since Biology is a pretty relatable and diverse subject, visual aids can really help you learn well. These include mind maps, flow charts, tables, flashcards, color-coded notes, etc. 

  • Use memorization techniques

For chapters where you have to remember a lot of names, series, characteristics, you can use a variety of memorization techniques or mnemonics to help you remember these easily. These memory devices can be acronyms, memory places, rhyming words, chunking, etc. Use your own word and phrases to help you remember different pieces of information. 

  • Understanding over cramming

If you do not understand what you are learning, you are going to inevitably forget the large pieces of information that you have tried to memorize. Repeated rote learning is counterproductive in the long run. There is a high chance that you are going to forget all that you learned during the exam. Even if you remember a little, you will not be able to apply the concepts to questions that require you to think a little bit. So make an effort to understand and relate the information to your environment. This way the knowledge will stay with you for a longer time and be beneficial to you in your future studies. Also, whatever you learn try to teach it to an invisible student. Simplify the information for teaching purposes and rephrase it. When you teach what you have learned recently, you improve your understanding and also the retention of important information. 

  • Written practice

In addition to the notes that you prepare, make sure that you also practice writing answers in a separate notebook. Since Class 11 Biology has a lot of difficult terms to remember, writing them down over and over again will ensure that you do not make mistakes during the exam.

  • Question papers:

Official CBSE sample papers and previous years’ question papers give you great practice during your revision. When you get a good look at these past papers, you will find that some topics and questions are repeated every year. Mark them and make sure you prepare them well. Also, make sure that you also get the solutions to these papers to understand how to form ideal answers in the exam. Since Biology has a lot of material, students end up writing irrelevant information sometimes. Also, use these papers to give practice tests. Biology can be a lengthy exam, practicing seriously from the past papers helps you gauge your speed and improvement areas for the exam.

  • Immaculate revision

Revision of Biology should consist of going over your notes, practicing from past papers, and diagram practice. You should have a separate revision schedule to ensure that all the important topics are revised in time. revision is necessary to retain the vast information found in the Biology textbook.

As you enter Class 11, you must mentally prepare yourself to give more time to your studies than you are used to giving in Class 10. Biology is not a difficult subject but demands hard work done smartly with determination. Do not be intimidated by the amount of learning that you need to do. if you stay on top of things from the beginning, you would save yourself a lot of chaos toward the end.

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