Coastal and Southern Deliciousness in Foley, AL

The city of Foley, Alabama, is located in close proximity to the Gulf Coast, but far enough that you can enjoy some peace and quiet. While Orange Beach and Gulf Shores are only minutes away, the quaint city of Foley provides a kind of shelter from the beachfront area’s crowdedness. With a population of approximately 23,000 it might surprise you to know that amenities are abundant in the area. From dining options, to recreational activities, Foley, Alabama has plenty of attractions for visitors and residents alike. Being so close to both the Gulf Coast and Mobile, AL, the attractions don’t stop within the city’s limits. Pertaining to the Daphne–Fairhope–Foley Micropolitan Statistical Area, the city of Foley is more than ready for visitors and newcomers alike.

When you sit down at a restaurant, the food, the atmosphere and the service are the first things you notice. The city of Foley, with its coastal and southern deliciousness, knows this. When you’ll venture in one of the Foley restaurants mentioned below, you’ll get that unforgettable flavour you’ve been looking for, the Southern hospitality will wash over you through the service, and the memory-making atmosphere will ensure your return in a matter of days. The perfect recipe for dining satisfaction is guaranteed in each of the following restaurants and with over 100 restaurants available in Foley, AL, to choose from, you’ll easily find the one that fits both your tastes and your pocket.

Fish River Grill

At the Fish River Grill, you will get the chance to eat southern style seafood that could be considered a healthier alternative for comfort food. From a place that is frequented by many fishermen and Foley residents, the interior decor might be fancy, but that is how the restaurant is advertised: A funky, junky redneck joint. You will find old fishing gear artfully hung on the walls giving the restaurant a traditional fishing house feel. From the seafood platter that has a bit of everything for seafood lovers, to the famous swamp soup, each seafood dish will be cooked fresh. If seafood is not your thing but you wind up in Fish River Grill with a group of seafood lovers, don’t worry! Fish River Grill has a wide variety of grills, including some delicious burgers.


Cheese dripping from your slice of pizza or pasta dishes that make The Lady and The Tramp pasta plate look like dog food, that is what you can expect at Portabella’s, Foley’s best Italian restaurant. Try their Shrimp Corn Chowder and you’ll be blown away by the flavour. The French Onion Soup must be tried as well and you can see a pattern already. This is an Italian restaurant, not a pizza shop, even if their pizza selection leaves little to be desired. These types of restaurants, locally owned and operated restaurants have the authenticity and familiarity that chain restaurants will never be able to offer. From appetizers to desserts, every plate will be deliciously balanced to not only satisfy your appetite, but also treat your tastebuds to some Italian deliciousness in the heart of the southern coastal city of Foley, Alabama.

Lambert’s Cafe

Getting back to some genuine southern comfort food, we have Lambert’s Cafe. And before you ask the question, no, they don’t only serve coffee. On their menu you’ll find everything from mashed potatoes to chicken pot pie and many other options in between. The walls are covered in vintage memorabilia giving visitors a more profound picture of what life is and was like in Foley, Alabama. As a family style restaurant, it brings back the best southern thing you could think of, through a combination of rustic and modern vibes, garnished with Southern hospitality that will charm frequent visits out of you. From small plane replicas to actual horse drawn carriages (minus the horses) the atmosphere in Lambert’s Cafe will share some Alabama memories with you. Your plate will also be squeaky clean before you know it.

Wolf Bay Lodge

Wide and crowded plates with red lobsters and deep-fried shrimp will drown your nostrils in mouth watering flavours of the south right as you enter the restaurant. Wolf Bay Lodge does not shy away from seafood specialities, succulent steaks, or anything else encountered on your typical Alabama dining table. This is the place where you will come to discover the true flavours of an Alabama home-cooked meal with comfort coupled with an informal ambiance to truly allow you to enjoy your meal. This is not a romantic location, but one where you can help yourself to the best dishes, completely relax in your comfort zone while enjoying the southern originality from every bite of food. This is a restaurant that best combines both coastal recipes and typical southern specialities to ensure 100% satisfaction for their customers.

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The four restaurants mentioned above are among the best Foley options, especially when it comes to coastal and southern cuisine. Whether you’re a visitor planning to spend a few days on the Alabama coast or you’re planning to move to Foley and are looking for some simple, but delicious dining options, feel free to try these out. If you already closed the sale with the help of real estate agents in Foley AL, go out and celebrate. The most difficult part is over, now you can enjoy everything that Foley, Alabama has to offer.

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