Color Psychology: How to Choose the Right Color While Designing Business Card

If you are here to find out how to choose colors for your business card, you must already be aware of how important marketing is for any business. The amount of success that a company will have depends directly on its capability to attract customers through advertising and marketing.

If a business fails at doing marketing properly, the company might fail as a whole as well. So that is the reason why companies always focus on their advertising. One such aspect of advertising that is very essential to a business’s success is the business card of any company.

Any company that wants to make a name for themselves in the market would have to take the use of business cards to spread the word about their work and business so that people know that they exist and then come to try their products and services.

That is why business cards become very important. For a lot of people, business cards are the things that will inform them about a business and if the impact that the business card leaves on them is not impressive or satisfactory, they are not going to accept the product of their company.

Hence, you have to pay special attention to how you present and make your business cards as they will play an important role in deciding whether people like you or not. So let us find out how you can choose the right color while designing a business card.

Keep It Colorful

It has been found out that if a business card is colorful, people would tend to keep it for a longer period of time when compared to a dull black and white business card. So it is essential that you use colors to attract the attention of people and make them want to read the business card.

The better your business card looks, the more captivated the potential customers would be. Keep in mind that the first impression always matters and for a lot of people, these business cards are what will be making that first impression. So the better your business cards look, the better they would be for your company.

If you find that printed paper business cards are expensive, you can opt for digital business cards. These cards help you in presenting all the information you want to give your customers with just one tap on their smartphones. They are a lot cheaper and have a lot of advantages over typical business cards as well.

Do Not Overdo It

When I say that you should keep it colorful, I do not mean that you should just go on using every color that exists on your card. Just pick a good color combination like yellow, black, and white, or something similar. Just make sure that everything you print on the card is easily readable.

If you make the card too bright or too dark, then the readers would find it difficult to read. The color contrast should be good. You should use color combinations like black background and navy blue text. That just won’t be readable.

Select A Theme

You should select a theme before starting and then you will know how you want your card to look. You can set the theme based upon the logo of your company. If you have a red and blue logo, then choose a color combination of red and blue to print your cards.

Black background or pops of red are very popular choices because they attract the most attention. Black text on a white background is too dull, so make sure you avoid that. Basically, all you have to make sure of is that you pick a subtle color palette.

Make It Stylish

You can choose a creative way to make the business card. You can do engravings, embossing, etc on the card and make it much more attractive if you have the budget. Just be sure you do not overdo it because everything must be clear and readable.

You can even choose a stylish font as long as it is neat, although, we would advise using the simplest font. You can print the company’s logo as it is and then use a simple font below it for the information.


All in all, what you have to keep in mind while choosing a color for your business card is that it should be attractive and beautiful enough to catch a person’s attention and be neat and clear enough for everything to be readable.

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