Colorful shower curtains that will brighten up your bathroom

My arty shower curtains are fun, colorful decors that will brighten up your bathroom.


For each of the arty shower curtains shown I used 8 plastic white hangers and clothespins. Each hanger is cut in half to make 2 four-inch pieces of wire which are then shaped into a circle at one end. The arty curtain starts by simply placing two hangers together with the ends touching to form an X shape. A single clothespin is attached on top of the center point made by the wire intersection. This is repeated for as many shapes as desired, with additional clothespins added to fill out the arty body of the arty shower curtain before being hung from your shower head or rod or any other convenient arty shower curtain holder.

Shower arty curtains come in a variety of arty designs and arty sizes, arty shapes and arty colors. Arty shower curtains can be dressed up by using more ornate clothespins or arty designer clothespins that contain pictures on them like flowers or birds. More arty and less arty designs can also be created by the size of the gap between each arty shower curtain design. For example argyle exhibits larger gaps than plaid which has smaller gap between each pattern making it possible to create many different shower curtain styles from one roll of decals.

If you’re looking for arty shower curtains, keep reading. Shower curtains are an inexpensive way to brighten up your bathroom and make it look artier – or modern, even. You can find arty shower curtains in a variety of different colors and patterns which means you won’t have any trouble finding one that fits with the arty feel you’re trying to give your bathroom – whether it’s arty modern, arty vintage, world arty, geometric arty…The possibilities are endless!

Here are some ideas for different types of arty shower curtains:

  • Artsy modern/geometric/abstract
  • Vintage art deco style
  • Animal print
  • World map/travel
  • Astrology/Zodiac arty
  • Planes, trains and automobiles arty
  • Nature arty – flowers, leaves, etc.
  • Artsy vintage style
  • Wavy lines arty or arty circles/round things
  • Artsy abstract arty with lots of color and shapes mixed together in a cool way.

The best place to find arty shower curtains is Curtain Up where you can browse for all sorts of different arty shower curtain designs, such as raindrop-covered arty ones watercolor flower print arty ones. You’ll find plenty more ideas there!


What does arty mean?

Arty means tastefully artistic, arty shower curtains are often found in arty stores or arty catalogs. Arty can also be used as an adjective to describe something that is artistic. For example, the arty design of an arty shower curtain makes your bathroom look very arty.

Who uses arty?

People who like art houses (art house movies) and Artex (artsy locations) tend to like parties (arty things). Arteries are people who appreciate art so they may be interested in an arty shower curtain.

Where do I find arty stuff?

You’ll find lots of artsy stuff at art house malls or specialty shops selling world maps and arty arches. There are also artex shops and arty arches too! A simple arty search on the internet will yield art house results, art houses and arty stores.

Where can I buy an arty shower curtain?

An arty shower curtain is often found in art house malls or specialty shops selling world maps, art houses and Artex shops or arty shopping centers. You might be able to find an art nouveau pattern shower curtain at Art Nouveau Shower Curtains but you could simply do an internet search for World Map Arty Shower Curtain to see if that takes you anywhere useful.

What’s your favorite kind of patterned shower curtains?

I like arty shower curtains that are arty art houses arty architecture use atonal art house type hands. What’s yours?


Artsy shower curtains can be found in art house stores or online. They come in a variety of different styles and designs, from arty to very arty.

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Shower curtains have been around for many years now, but it wasn’t until the second half of the 20th century that they became a staple item in bathrooms all over the world. The main reason for this was an invention that allowed people to easily hang their shower curtains without having to drill holes into the walls surrounding the shower area.

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