Common Mistakes that Boxing Amateurs Make You Need to Avoid

Learning boxing can be a challenging task once you’ve gotten the basics of the process. Boxing is a highly nuanced martial art with intricate methods and techniques.

When you are a beginner and learning for the first months, you’ll make mistakes. If we can recognize these traps before time, we can avoid them and increase our training to achieve the most effective outcomes.

It is simple to learn, but it is difficult to master. Many people start training without knowing what they should do. If they’re not taught the correct techniques, it is possible to form negative habits which are difficult to break.

The art of boxing isn’t just about getting the moves down but also knowing the factors that go into every move that can change how you are boxing. In addition, staying up to date with the next gen boxing news and updates is a must for learning how to master boxing. There’s a reason that boxing is referred to by the name of “The Sweet Science,” and that’s because there are many aspects to learn. Beware of rookie mistakes and accelerate your growth to become a veteran.

Throwing Arm Punches

Punches should not originate from your arms, or at the very least, the force of your punches shouldn’t. The best way to punch is to apply your body as a whole, starting with the ground and transferring the force up to your fists and arms.

Once the boxer realizes that there is an art of punching, they have to master the art of getting strength from their lower body and legs and not only the arms; punches are more efficient and effective.

Going Hard and Too Fast

The most frequent mistake is to exert too much energy in the beginning. While it’s nice to rack up a few powerful punches early, it can wear out later on and lead to you not playing to the highest of your abilities in a way that could win the fight.

When training, ensure that you train to complete the full three rounds of three minutes. When you reach fights in the ring, you must ensure that you can keep the pace.

Going All Out Before the Epic Fight

It’s tempting to put on a lot of your training leading prior to a significant fight, but this could result in a negative effect on your overall performance. It could lead you to feel exhausted in the fight, which means you’re not at your best. In addition, overtraining can increase the chance of suffering injuries resulting in not being in a position to compete or train for prolonged durations. Make sure you’re not overtraining! In this regard, it’s recommended to design an exercise plan with scheduled rest days that are included.

Breaking Line of Sight

When you throw punches, it’s essential to keep an eye line and not lose focus to ensure that you’re safe from attacks you can’t see coming.

In most cases, novices use big punches, but, at the same time, they can cut off their sight, losing their focus on their opponent for a brief time. If this happens, a skilled opponent is likely to spot this opportunity and take advantage, tagging you with a clever counter you can’t see coming.

The theory is that it’s the ones you don’t notice that take you to the ground. Make sure you keep your eyes on your opponent even when you’re throwing the most devastating combinations. If you’re in defence, ensure you parry and block while always looking straight at your opponent. When you lose the line of vision, it’s challenging to determine where punches are coming from.

Too Much Head Hunting

A common mistake that beginners make is to focus too much on head-hunting. When we aim for an opponent’s head, we hope to hit a powerful punch or knockout blow, which will stop the fight in its early stages. However, in the boxing world, you will find different targets that beginners often overlook.

Advanced fighters typically use a well-planned approach to get to the body and mix their combos very well. If you are a solitary hunter too often, you miss many chances to hit massive power punches that can be used to score other zones. As time passes, your opponent’s guard will drop, opening ways to hit the head. It’s time to get rid of the weapon.


People who are new to boxing as amateurs have the habit of waiting before launching a punch. This gives your opponent the chance to take advantage of you and take an effective strike.

It could mean the difference between your winning or losing, so be sure to avoid hesitation at all costs. This can be achieved by practicing and trying out different scenarios to become more comfortable and quick in the boxing ring. Training on blocks and defence as well as offensive will improve your overall performance.

Waste Energy

If you’re fighting or sparring it out, remember that you’ll need all the energy possible to get from the time you begin until the end of the round. One of the most common mistakes that you should avoid in boxing is to focus on everything you can at the beginning and have nothing to offer as the fight goes on.

When you train, take note of how your body utilizes the energy it produces and then keep yourself at a steady pace so that you get a good start and a satisfying finish too.

Final Words

After you’ve read for a couple of boxing’s beginner mistakes, you might be thinking that this is a challenging sport to master. In reality, it’s a breeze to pick up, but it is difficult to master, particularly when the player isn’t taught the correct methods and thus develops bad practices. Because boxing isn’t just about performing the movements that involve, like footwork and punching, it is also about knowing the meaning behind each one; this makes it difficult to make it a pro. However, it’s not impossible. If you put in the practice and a lot of study, you’ll soon be the most efficient you can possibly be at boxing.

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