Cyber Boy Corp.’s First Video Game will be Released In May 2021

Today’s video game industry has evolved significantly from the era of Atari’s arcade games. As you know, 3D graphics that are very close to reality don’t look like jagged graphics with 8-bit edges that were commonplace in the 1980s. Meanwhile, the new generation of players’ tastes has evolved as significantly as the evolution of graphics. By extension, the companies that are trying to meet that demand, among which one of the named company is Cyber Boy Corp.

Cyber Boy Corp. is a technological software company based in Beverly Hills, California, USA, headed by Sr. Roy Andrade. This technology and software company is launching their latest upcoming project video game titled Roy’s Castle 3D Chess game in May 2021. Sr. Roy Andrade, CTO of Cyber Boy Corp. are worked tightly to ensure the success of the game, even flying from London to Madrid to Los Angeles with his team’s members & software developers.

Hopefully, the launch of the new video game Roy’s Castle 3D Chess will be a positive spillover effect on game software production companies and video gaming enthusiasts. As a result, this video game will be destined to be the top-rated video game.

A Brief description of the objective Of the Royal Blood 3D Chess Game:

As mentioned earlier, the Roy’s Castle 3D Chess Game, Cyber Boy Crop’s Dreaming Project, is set to release in May.  This game has been successfully developed due to the hard work and skill of the company’s Chief Technology Officer, Sr. Roy Andrade. The short-term and long-term outlook for the global economy has become significantly uncertain due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The gaming industry is no exception.

However, you should be surprised to hear that the Cyber Boy Crop. Continues to perform well in this troublesome economic moment due to the Sr. Roy Andrade, CTO, of Cyber Boy Corp.  Therefore, this company is now prepared to release a 3D Chess Game.

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In this video game, you will see Cyber Boy, the protagonist, as a star character of this 3D Chess game. This video game’s unique concept will undoubtedly attract audiences, and its excellently elaborate jaw-dropping chess pieces will also create massive chess gaming enthusiasts worldwide. As soon, you find this 3D chess game in the iOS and Android platform, even you can play it by you PC.

Essentially, this chess game’s main objective is to create a solid bond between the chess lovers scattered worldwide, bringing the chess community together on its website, www.CyberBoyCorp.App. Where chess players will win various trophy cash prizes and fair competition will be created between them.

Sr. Roy Andrade’s high aspirations for 3D Chess Game:

Over 100 billion game consoles have been sold worldwide in the last decade. Video games have become a widespread form of media consumption that can compete with Hollywood’s most profitable blockbusters. Due to this growing demand for video games. It has marked a turning point in new industries, and game developers are coming new ideas & eye-catching graphics.

However, Sr. Roy Andrade believes that game development can better; a developer could bring unique gaming concepts and build high-quality gaming technology so that the digital games sector remains strong. For that, he was establishing the Cyber Boy Crop. software company by which he will be releasing the No.1 3D chess game.  ​This 3D chess game seems to have attracted particular attention among the demand for a video executed on the terminal side, which will reduce waiting time and achieve a high degree of visual texture.

Final Thought:

​​The video game industry is currently one of the fastest-growing segments of the entertainment business. The game market is dominated by world-renowned consoles and brands from renowned game developers such as Sony PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox.

However, it is expected that another Cyber Boy Corp. gaming company will be added to their list soon. Their work dedication, appropriate consultation, and unique gaming ideas will transform them into a top gaming development company.

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