Do You Like to Make Your Own Life Decisions? Then You Must to Do These Things

There is no telling where you will end up finding the person you are meant to be with. Remember how Raj met Simran in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge or even how Akash met Shalini in Dil Chahta hai? They certainly didn’t sit waiting for someone. If you want to choose your own partner, you have to go out there and meet new people. 

If you are wondering how, follow this list to meet someone and build something concrete that could eventually lead to marriage.

1. Join One of the Matrimonial Sites

Create your own profile on a matrimony platform and set your preferences to the kind of person you are looking for. Add a great picture of yourself, be honest about the information you put in and get started. Popular matchmaking platforms have their own apps with new video chatting features on them. This will make it easier for you to connect with a potential match without external interferences.

2. Go Out with Friends More Often

Host a party at your place or attend one at someone else’s place and spend time with your friends. Encourage your friends to invite those in their network to increase your chances of meeting someone new.

3. Expand your Social Circles

Attend that seminar your office is hosting or sign up for the workshop your boss has been telling you about. You may end up meeting someone and expanding your network as well as learn something new. New skills are always cool!

4. Sign Up for a Class 

Life is not a Bollywood movie where you sing about waiting for the love of your life and that person would just appear before you. You have to take some action. Keep yourself busy by joining a class for dancing, cooking, art, pottery, etc. You may meet someone there who shares the same interest as you and have a lot to talk about. If nothing else, you would have made another friend.

5. Strike Up a Conversation in a Library

Libraries are underrated. There aren’t so many left these days but if you do visit one, be sure to start a conversation with someone there. You can get suggestions on which books to read and a connection with a well-read person. It’s a win-win situation.

6. Visit a Dog Park

This place is a haven for dog lovers. Also, it is an absolute joy to watch your dog have the time of their lives in all that open space. There will be many others there who would share the same sentiment as you at the park. Since you will have this in common, you can approach them and exchange information about your pets. And if you are a regular at the park, chances are, you will meet them again.

7. Go to Book Fairs or Food Exhibitions 

The definition of a book or food exhibition is a gathering of people who engage in similar interests. If that doesn’t sound like the best place to meet someone new then who knows what is. The mere nature of the exhibition is to meet, discuss and experience the things you feel passionate about.

8. Attend Events

Wine tasting, music concerts, you name it. Explore your interests through these events and build connections with the new people you meet. For example, at a wine tasting event you could meet fellow wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Similarly, you can meet fellow music lovers. Anything can happen from standing next to someone for hours to bumping into each other in the crowd. It could be a real filmy meet-cute, plus the music is already playing in the background. Which event are you signing up for?

9. Sign Up for Volunteer Work

Let out the altruistic person inside you and volunteer for a cause you care about. This kind of work really encourages people to open up about their feelings and things they believe in with the people they meet. Wouldn’t you like to meet someone who believes in helping others?

10. Join a Sports Club

Maybe you have always wanted to join a sports club but never had the chance or the time. You can check online to see if there are any clubs near your house that you could attend at least once a week. It’s a great way to meet someone new in a setting where you can easily initiate discussions with people sharing the same interest in sports.

11. Go to a Career Networking Event

Of course, the thought of going to a career networking event may seem a bit intimidating at first. But you have to remember that everyone there has a common goal – to talk about the next big step they should consider in their professional lives. There are many different types of events you could attend where you could connect with new people, either to seek professional guidance or just be friends with.

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12. Travel Solo 

Travel is one of the most incredible ways to meet new friends and make lifelong friendships. Remember Kangana in Queen? She travelled to several places in Europe and made friends of different ethnicities for life and even a potential match. As a tourist, make an effort to converse with people around you or have a chat with the locals while asking for directions.

There are so many amazing connections to be made. Although, signing up for matrimonial sites is a great option, it is not the only one. You just have to remember to look around to notice the possibilities.

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