DOs and DON’Ts of Choosing Corporate Giveaways

You are walking on thin ice when it comes to choosing the right product for corporate giveaways. While corporate giveaways are a great way to build stronger customer and client relationships, overdoing things can make your efforts go in vain. Today, we will share some valuable tips that will help take your corporate giveaway game up a notch. So, without further ado, here are the DOs and DON’Ts of choosing corporate giveaways.

Make It Personal

Let’s face it? Nobody prefers wearing a plain T-shirt with your company’s logo on it. It does not add any value to your customer or client’s life, and they might end up using it as nightwear.

Try to add items in your corporate giveaways that are relevant to the person you are giving it out to. For instance, you can add a quirky quote on the T-shirt and use your brand’s colour instead of just using the logo. This will help build top-of-mind recall amongst the audience and also make your customer and client feel valued.

Make It Useful

Your corporate giveaway box should ideally be a mix and match of multiple products. You can add some items just for the aesthetics and some valuable items that the customer or client could use.

A great example of one such product is a promotional mug. It’s a cost-effective corporate giveaway option that can be used by the customer or client every single day. To make it more personalised, you can also get these mugs customised with the recipient’s name.

Explore your options at any reputable online printing shop, such as Space Printing. You can take inspiration from their customised promotional coffee mugs and learn how to do corporate gifting the right way.

Do Not Make It Overtly Promotional

Like mentioned before, in-the-face marketing is not the ideal way to make brand loyalists. If you are still considering adding a printed copy of your company’s latest press release in the corporate giveaway box, stop right there and take a step back.

We are not implying that there is anything wrong with being promotional. However, there is a thin line between building awareness and being a nuisance. You can gain your customer’s trust by other means like giving them free product samples or discount vouchers etc. Do not ever give your customer the idea that your giveaway is a bribe. This puts your brand in a negative light and has the potential to ruin your overall brand image.

Do Not Compromise on Quality

A corporate giveaway has the tendency to make or break the brand image in the customer’s mind. While it is always advisable to go for cost-effective options for your corporate giveaways, do ensure that none of these items are sub-par in quality.

A smart way to go about this is to set aside a separate budget to buy items in bulk and save money while you do so.

Keep in mind that corporate giveaways reflect the quality of services offered by the brand. If done rightly, corporate giveaways are a sure-shot way to create positive word of mouth and build brand loyalists. 

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