Dylan Sidoo Looks Back at Success in Sports

Dylan Sidoo has accomplished a lot in his young professional career as a successful businessman and philanthropist. He attributes a lot of the success to the importance of getting involved in sports early on and sticking with it through his college years. Although he no longer competes in sports at an ultra-high level, sports continue to shape his daily life.

How does sports success make a difference off the field? No matter where his business ventures take him in today’s world, something related to sports keeps him connected.

The Sidoo Family Sports Lineage

Dylan Sidoo‘s father, David, set the tone for his children from an athletic standpoint. Despite coming from a background that knew next to nothing about football, David fell in love with the sport and started playing early on. 

He overcame a lot of negativity to reach the highest levels playing football in college for the University of British Columbia and eventually pro in the CFL, proving everyone wrong.

David’s issue as a smaller football player with Sikh heritage often relates to the same issues Dylan Sidoo has faced from time to time. The physicality of football and rugby makes it extra challenging for undersized players to find success. 

Having rugby (and other sports growing up) helped Dylan Sidoo fit in and make friends beyond that initial barrier. Once people get a chance to notice all the similarities instead of the initial differences, it makes a huge difference overall.

Balancing Activities

One of the most significant benefits of sports at the collegiate level is balancing life. There are many changes a young adult has to go through when they move to a different location and enroll in college. Handling the class aspect is one thing, but balancing a demanding sport takes time management to another level. Sidoo believes that his experience on the rugby team at USC (University of Southern California) impacted what he never realized until later on in life. 

Whether it’s connections made that come into play later on in life, management skills, or being able to stay tough through difficult situations, rugby does much more than just keep someone in shape. It takes a lot of work to remain a great student at a challenging university while playing a sport and practicing daily.

Representing USC

As one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, wearing USC colors while playing for the rugby team was a truly unique experience for Sidoo. From 2014 to 2016, he helped make them one of the most feared club teams in California.

Sidoo’s takeaways from playing rugby include brotherhood and working towards a tangible goal as a unit/team. In less-competitive situations, getting a chance to experience this with friends sticks with many for a lifetime.

Practice Makes Perfect

Since graduating from USC, Dylan Sidoo has been a part of several business ventures. Some of them have turned out as more powerful success stories than others, but one thing he’s borrowed from sports is the saying that practice makes perfect.

Young adults can come out of college with the best grades in the world, but they still have to learn how to succeed and fail. It’s similar to sports, as there are highs and lows in the middle of any rugby match. Learning from mistakes and steadily improving works just as much in the business venture world.

The good and bad of co-founding Disappears, Inc is a perfect example of learning from a sports background. It’s easy to get discouraged with minor fails and letdowns, but seeing the greater good and working towards a goal propelled them to a successful launch.

Giving to the Next Generation

Growing up in the Sidoo family household meant being part of Sidoo Family Giving. Dylan and his brother Jordan Sidoo made numerous appearances growing up when the family joined forces with a new organization. 

Many of these organizations had ties to athletics due to the family’s history. It made sense to help represent the type of children these organizations helped as young athletes themselves.

Now grown and having success in the business world individually, Dylan dedicates more and more time to charitable acts that mean something to him. His positive experience on the rugby team at USC put sports higher on the list for what he looks for when he has the opportunity to assist.

Dylan Sidoo participates in organizations like the Kids Play Foundation, Supra Soccer Academy, and the New Westminster Secondary School football program. He is working with all three through Sidoo Family Giving. 

Dylan Sidoo has plans to find other organizations in the future and potentially work with them individually instead of through the family’s charity. As a young professional who still stays in shape and lives an active life, he hopes to help by donating time, money, and energy in certain aspects.

About Dylan Sidoo

Dylan Sidoo is the oldest son of David and Manjy Sidoo. Along with his brother Jordan, the four make up Sidoo Family Giving. As a young businessman and philanthropist, Sidoo has worked on several projects. 

His entrepreneurial mind most notably played a role in being the co-founder of tech company Disappears, Inc. and business development with BMEX Gold, Inc.

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