Embrace these trends for a spectacular house

Like most industries, even the home decor sector is seeing the revival of the older trends. Amongst the many elements of house décor, the painting of walls has seen a sudden burst of variety. Right from geometric patterns to floral musings, there are many trends that homeowners are looking to incorporate on their walls.

Here are some trends that you can embrace and add to your home too.

  1. Rediscover the indigenous designs and decorate your wall with a touch of nostalgia. This also means if you have an old building then you can look to retain the natural beauty of the building along with some modern additions.
  2. When it comes to adding designs to the walls in your house you can mix and match the themes with your furniture. Although it is said that less is more when it comes to designing an opulent wall, more is always more.
  3. Your walls don’t have to serve a particular purpose. You can convert any corner nooks or niches into anything you wish to. You can get creative and build a bar, a bookcase, a cupboard, and many such things embedded into the wall itself.
  4. Tiled wall is associated with garish houses. However, if you look at the famous buildings in Barcelona you will see the exterior is decorated beautifully with mosaic tiles. Tiles can make a statement when you place them strategically in places where you want to flaunt them. Vintage tiles and printed tiles can change the look of a room completely.
  5. You can break up an empty space with a sleek sculpture. The main thing to choose is the perfect place to showcase it as it should not be hidden away.
  6. The space between two elements like the roof and the doorway or between two windows often gets overlooked. However, you can add your personal and artful touches to the smallest corners of your house.
  7. People often tend to forget the artistic scope of playing with proportions. Thinking whether to go for a small sculpture or a big one? Why not go for both? Combine sculptures, photo frames, or even mirrors to play with proportions.
  8. Symmetry is a design principle that has been a useful tool to determine how to create balance in a room. The tweaks and designs of artwork and paintings should create subtle differences so as to not make the place look monotonous.
  9. If you are looking to make your plain walls shine you can cover your walls in metallic paper or paint, comment it with a touch of gold in your furniture and furnishings.
  10. A work-from-home office has become a necessity in the past couple of years. Add a desk with a chic chair and make a corner for yourself to sit and work through the day. Add subtle colours to make the space calmer and help your concentration. If you are looking for painting services in Delhi that will help you make your vision a reality then look here!
  11. Groups of odd numbers are a great trick to use for any element in the room. A group of three paintings, a cluster of 5 flowers, and a group of 3 potted plants can make a powerful impact in the room.
  12. Hallways are the spaces with the most potential for implementing your home decor vision. The availability of ample space for accommodating each and every one of your ideas is one of the best points of a hallway. It is literally a walk through your perception. Use asian ultima paint to make your ideas come true in an elegant manner.

These tips will ensure that your home is an extension of your personality and reflects your taste and creativity.

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