Everything You Need To Know About Betting in Slovenia

Although wagering on various sports coincides with the phenomenon of competitive sports, sports betting is a relatively new phenomenon in Slovenia. 

For many years, you could only place bets on a select few bookmakers, which created a kind of monopoly on the local market. The situation did not improve much with the arrival of online betting providers, as they were not allowed to operate in Slovenia, which did not stop many users who placed bets with foreign online sites despite the risk of getting banned from the platform.

It was only at the beginning of 2018 that an amendment bill was passed, in which foreign sports bookmakers could legally offer their services in Slovenia as well. 

Of course, this was great news for betting eager users, but the wider array of choices made it tougher to find good bookmakers. 

That’s exactly why we’re creating this article. Besides showing you where you can find the absolute best bookies available in Slovenia right now, we’ll also go through some crucial points every punter should know, such as: 

  • Safety and Credibility of Slovenian Bookies
  • Available Sports
  • Tips on How to Become a Pro

Licenses for Sports Betting in Slovenia

Although online bookmakers have been able to operate legally in Slovenia since 2018, there are many who do not have a license or have obtained it from questionable countries. 

The country of origin of the license is a good indicator of the seriousness of the bookmakers, as a large number of licensed providers from smaller island countries on the other side of the world have recently appeared online, where control over online betting is very loose and deficient.

The most reliable and credible sports bookmakers generally use a license approved by a UK commission or the Maltese government. 

The best bookmakers use one of the aforementioned licenses, which means that they meet the high safety standards and laws of the respective country. 

You can place sports bets in Slovenia in a variety of bookmakers, but only in properly licensed bets is it guaranteed that you will actually receive a profit, which we cannot claim for other providers. 

If you want to place sports bets in Slovenia, then we recommend you to find the best bookies out there. If we were to mention them here, this article would be longer than necessary. That’s why we recommend you to head to Mightytips in order to get the full list of the best bookmakers in Slovenia at the moment.

Available Betting Markets

In the world of sports betting, betting markets mean different categories and types of bets for certain events. In football matches, these can be classic sports bets on the final result or bets on the player who you think will be the first to score a goal. 

Most of today’s bookmakers offer you many betting markets, but there are big differences between individual sports.

Football is the most popular betting sport and therefore, contains many more betting markets than handball, for example. 

Due to the different offers, it makes sense to know which events you want to bet on before picking your preferred bookie.

However, you can lay your wagers on basically and virtually every single available sports out there. Of course that some will have fewer available markets than others. But it’s still an option!

Betting Tips – How to Become a Successful Punter

Although sports betting is still considered a game that involves luck, not everything depends on it. 

Just following the basic guidelines and rules can further increase your success in placing bets. In addition, the choice of an online bookmaker is also very important, and you must pay special attention to their security and credibility. 

Due to the wide range of different online bookmakers, you can compare odds with just a few clicks and thus find the best bookie with the most enjoyable odds for the selected sports. 

You can also do a lot to reduce your betting risk by monitoring and placing live bets, as these are much more dynamic than classic sports betting in Slovenia and elsewhere in the world due to the many events you can bet on.

The basic pillar in betting is, of course, your financial resources. When you top up your betting account, you need to know well what values ​​you do not want to go through to avoid losses due to improper management of these funds. 

Of course, even without a good knowledge of the chosen sport, it simply won’t work – not to mention the advice of professional bettors. 

All this, combined with a lot of betting, will make you a real pro!

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