Everything You Should Know About Period Underwear

“Free bleeding” is a new movement amongst women that is gaining popularity. It aims to target the stigma and taboos surrounding menstruation, protest the high prices of menstrual care products, and draw attention to the environmental impact of common menstrual care products like pads and tampons.

With the rise in popularity of this movement is the rise in alternative menstrual products such as the modibodi period pants to manage the menstrual flow. These undergarments are specifically designed to replace or to be used with other common menstrual care products.

If you are pessimistic about trying this innovative and freeing product, read on to know all about it.

What are Period Pants?

Period pants are specially designed undergarments meant to be worn as a replacement to disposable period protection products like tampons and pads. Designed to look and feel like traditional panties but with a “built-in pad” made of several layers of different materials, each offering a unique feature that will help absorb menstrual flow to keep you feeling fresh and dry.

Because they are designed to be worn and look like traditional panties, they can be washed and worn again for as long as two years. In addition, some women claim that period underwear like modibodi period pants is so comfortable; they wear them even on period-free days because they like the extra benefits they get from a pair of these special undergarments.

How Do Period Pants Work?

Period pants have a “built-in pad” in the crotch area made of several layers of different absorbent materials that will help make you feel secure, comfortable, and confident. For example, one layer uses organic cotton that helps absorb your menstrual liquid. Another layer uses material that has excellent moisture-wicking properties to help keep you feeling dry. Finally, another layer has special antimicrobial and antifungal properties that will block the growth of some bacteria and fungus and help avoid unpleasant odour, or worse, lead to infections.

Like common menstrual care products, period pants also come in different levels of protection -light, medium, and heavy depending on your menstrual flow, so you can use whichever level that would fit your needs.

What Makes Period Pants Special?

Aside from their use as a menstrual flow barrier, period pants are comfortable because the absorbent layers are thin and do not bulge or misalign. They are also comfortable to wear, and some women even wear them even on period-free days.

But more than these reasons, period pants are gaining popularity because they are made of sustainable materials that reduce the impact on the environment of disposable menstrual care products like pads and tampons. Because period pants are washable and can be reused, their use could significantly lessen the problem of plastics from pads and tampons, which can take several hundred years to decompose. Products like modibodi period pants are gaining popularity in recent years.

Will They Last?

Most manufacturers don’t give an exact time as to how long you can use period pants, but the one thing that they assure is that with proper care, your pair of period pants can last for several years, just like your traditional panties.

Because they are constructed just like your regular panties, you can wash your period pants as you would your panties. Simply soak them in cold water, wash them with mild detergent, and rinse. The only difference is the way you would dry them. Since they are made from special materials like bamboo fabric, avoid putting your period pants in the dryer and instead hang them to dry to keep the integrity of the fabric.

Period pants fall under the category of those innovations that are beneficial to you and the environment, and it will be a shame if you don’t try them, at the least. If you are hesitant, you can always start transitioning when your flow is light to ensure that you will receive the protection you need.

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