Exploring the All Time Iconic and Diverse Lipstick Trends

For ages, lipstick has been a quintessential part of our makeup routine. No matter what the occasion is, every woman loves to apply lipstick to accentuate the lips beautifully. This irreplaceable makeup product is available in endless shades, types, formulations. Selecting the right shade of lipstick is pivotal to enhancing and highlighting your facial features to a great extent. Given that there are so many options, picking out the shades that complement your looks and taste while also delivering on the trendy style quotient can be quite the task.

To help simplify the process of selecting lip colours, here is a rundown on some of the favourite and iconic lipstick trends of all time:

Bold Red Lipstick

Bold red lipstick never goes out of fashion. To make it work for you, the shade of red must be selected as per the skin tone and lip shape. To balance the bold pop of colour on the lips, keep the rest of your makeup minimalistic. A peachy blush, a stroke of black eyeliner or shimmery eyeshadow is enough to complete the look.

Timeless Browns

Browns are suitable for all types of occasions, and make a perfect fit for day and night time wear. From the workplace to a nightclub, brown color on your lips never looks out of place. You can toy around with the rest of your makeup, depending on what you’re getting ready for. For instance, if you’re getting ready for a date, you can keep it subtle with a visible hint of kohl in your eyes, mascara and nude color eyeshadow. If you’re going clubbing, you can go the whole nine yard with rosy cheeks and shimmery or smokey eyes.

Classic Nudes

Touted as an evergreen makeup trend, the nude color lipsticks are ideal for daily wear. You can also opt for smokey eye makeup with oodles of mascara and kajal and a hint of highlighter in the right places for a well-rounded, gorgeous look. There is an array of nude shades with different hues of peach, browns, and pinks. The best thing about nudes is that they go perfectly with skin tones.

Soft Peaches

Think peachy lips, and you inevitably think of soft corals with hues of peachy nudes. This lipstick shade is perfect for daytime events. All your lips need is a little bit of peachy tint to look effortlessly beautiful, day after day. For a more pronounced effect, use a peach lip crayon to achieve a well-pigmented, matte yet moisturized look.

Bright Pinks

If you want to stand out in the crowd, donning a bright pink lipstick could well do the trick. It is just the right fit for festivities and grand ceremonies. Pink is one shade you can rarely go wrong with. Decide on how bold or subtle you’d like the rest of your makeup to be, depending on the time and occasion.

Fabulous Mauves

Need a pop of pink with a nude-based finish? Mauves are the absolute best choice for you. The mauve shaded lipsticks are great for all types of events, whether it is day or night. If this shade aligns with your taste, it can fast become your go-to choice of lip colour.

Flushed Lips

In recent times, every makeup enthusiast is going gaga over the no-makeup makeup look. The rosy flushed lips are a key element for getting it right. Thankfully, extremely easy to achieve. All you need is a tinted lip stain to create that gradient effect on the lips. It gives a minimal pop of natural color on the lips for a flushed look.

Marvelous Metallic

The vibe of the golden era days is back, thanks to the metallic lip colors. Offering the right blend of subtlety and glitter, this lipstick shade softly highlights the lip contours without being too out there. However, metallic lip colors are best worn at night only.


Looking for some lip makeup inspiration? Do not forget to try out the trends mentioned above for the same. A golden rule to remember is to pick a shade in keeping with your skin tone. Apart from that, consider your outfit and the occasion to make sure your choice of lipstick turns heads without seeming out of place. And, follow the right technique and steps for application to make your lips look fuller, plumper and irresistible.

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