Feng Shui Love and Marriage Mirrors in Bedroom

The bedroom is the place where people sleep, rest, relax and gather strength for each next day. It is an important place for every house. Furthermore, it is the place of romance, love and passion. Therefore, bedroom, along with its décor, is a very important room from the point of view of Feng Shui. It is the center of attraction in love and marriage.

Bedroom Feng Shui, and especially the jellybean inspired décor of Feng Shui love and romance area of the bedroom, can influence a person’s overall physical and mental state, as well as improve romantic relationships. Mirrors, being both beautiful elements of décor and powerful Feng Shui cures, can greatly help in improving the Chi flows of the bedroom. However, be careful. Here are some more details to take note of.

Mirrors in the Bedroom for Good Feng Shui

First of all, Feng Shui doesn’t recommend hanging mirrors above or over the bed. This is the first thing to consider.

However, there is an opinion that a mirror on the ceiling might not be such a bad thing for a couple. On the contrary – it will be just doubling the love and passion of the reality it reflects. Reflected in the mirror, the feeling of love will be filling the bedroom with positive energy that protects the sleep and keeps the illnesses off.

For a single person such a mirror, unfortunately, won’t do any good. Reflecting loneliness, the glass will be just multiplying it in the person’s life. Such a person’s reflection in the mirror is viewed as another individual, meaning that the sleeping one is not alone. In this situation the superior forces believe that the person is not lonely, so does not need the help in the form of a family. Again, loneliness reflected in the mirror fills the bedroom with negative energy that impedes rest and enhances irritability, tiredness and, as a result, mental disorders.

Feng Shui Mirrors

Most Feng Shui practitioners are likely to recommend avoiding keeping mirrors in the bedroom. It is usual and common suggestion. However, there always exist exceptions. If you decide to hang a mirror in the bedroom, make sure that it does not reflect people when they are sleeping. Seeing oneself just woken up is not always the best start of the day. Furthermore, a mirror that reflects you immediately after you woke up will be directing at you all the negative energy that it might have absorbed during the night.

In general, the final decision is always after you. If you do feel comfortable with those mirrors reflecting you during the night and in the morning, feel free to go for it. In any case, follow your feelings – they are the best indicator of what is good or bad for you.

Love and Marriage Area

Several marriage and romance areas can be found in any house. They are the south-west of the whole house, and the same direction of each room. The most powerful of these zones is the one located in the south-west of the love and romance area of the house. This place is the best for a bedroom.

The south-west of the bedroom, no matter in which part of the house this room is located, is also one of the most powerful places that can attract love and improve marriage. Of course, it is especially true if the bedroom is situated in the south-west of the house. In such a case, enhancing the natural qualities of the south-west of the bedroom will give the greatest results possible. This has a proven result. Most Feng Shui believes have followed the suggestion.

Surely, not always people have an opportunity to initially design the bedroom for it to correspond to the major Feng Shui principle. As a result, anything may be found in the love and marriage area of the bedroom: a window, a wardrobe, a mirror, a bed, and what else.

The good news is that Feng Shui design is not a precise science. It is aimed at both creating harmonious new environments, and improving existing ones. So, no matter in what condition the love area of the bedroom is now, everything can be changed for better.

Feng Shui for Attracting Love and Romance

  • Feng Shui love and romance area of the bedroom should be always be neat and clean. This is mandatory and cannot be compromised in any way.
  • All the objects located in the south-west of the bedroom should be in good condition. If a thing is broken or damaged, either repair, or remove it as soon as possible: broken things break relations. Most couples forget this suggestion and end up with sour relationship.
  • Love and marriage area should be well-lit. Good lighting activates positive energy that attracts luck in love and relations. This is the reason it is always suggested to lit every corners of the house in evening.

Decorating Bedroom Love and Marriage Area

  • Decorate the love and romance area with pink, yellow or brown. These colors will attract and improve love and relations.
  • Over the bed: hang a picture of a couple in love to attract luck in love. Put a couple of pink pillows on the bed.
  • On the windowsill: a pair of birds or hearts will attract new love and energize the current one; a wind chime will activate the space.
  • In the wardrobe or mirror area: hang a pair of hearts or a charm that attracts luck in love.

No matter what is situated in the love and marriage area of the bedroom, there are always many ways for activating this Feng Shui zone. Since it is ruled by the earth element of Feng Shui, the best colors for attracting love are pink, yellow, and brown. The best material is stone. So, use the above tips for activating the love and romance area of your bedroom. And, of course, learn what Charms for the Love and Romance Area can be used in the bedroom.

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