Finding The Best SUV For Your Family

Buying a car for yourself is complicated enough, but when you have to think about what’s best for your spouse and the little ones, too, it can dial the stress up to eleven. You could choose a modern, affordable sedan like a Toyota Camry or something a bit larger and more practical like a Volkswagen Atlas SUV. A smaller, crossover could work, too, but you may as well toss the idea of that sexy coupe, although there are quite a few cheap options if you can afford a second car.

If you’re on a budget, though, finding the perfect value-for-money vehicle is essential. Ideally, you want something with enough room for the whole family and space left over for groceries or sports bags. Luckily, the most popular segment in the USA ticks all these boxes – crossover/SUVs. But there is also a downside to their popularity; separating the wheat from the chaff can be a tiring experience. However, there is no compromise when it comes to the comfort and safety of your family.

Check your list twice

We all have a list of things we want in our car, and many automakers are doing their best to make sure we get it all. Not that long ago, a spacious back seat and sufficient cargo room for the weekly shopping would have been enough. Now, we aren’t happy unless we have a list of safety features the length of our arm, a high-tech infotainment suite, and enough room in the trunk to pack a week’s worth of luggage. However, how much you want usually has a heavy impact on how much you pay. But it doesn’t have to. There are plenty of great car models out there that offer excellent value and smart packaging without a crazy MSRP to go along with it.

Most modem family haulers now include things like forward collision warning and lane-keep assist technology as standard. These are things you shouldn’t have to pay extra for. In most cases, upgrading a trim level will also get you blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert. Along with this, you should get a decent infotainment system with full smartphone integration. Often, these family-centric SUVs will also include Wi-Fi hotspot functionality and rear USB charging ports.visit here mis webmail

These are no longer considered luxuries, and you shouldn’t have to dole out enough cash for a BMW X5 to get it all. But, if you want space for seven, with extra seats in the rear, then you will have to be willing to spend a little more. Many brands have tried to meet this demand, but not all of them get the recipe right. For example, the slightly larger BMW X7 doesn’t do a really good job of it. The Kia Telluride, by comparison, is half the price and makes the third row feel far more suited for non-contortionists.

The top contenders

If you don’t feel like doing a deep dive into the dozens of models out there, take a look at America’s favorites and you just might find yours. read more youtube to mp3 converter

Toyota RAV4

Available with a gas engine, or one of two hybrid powertrains, the RAV4 is a versatile compact SUV that works just as well in cold states as in warm thanks to the option of all-wheel drive. It is also one of the safest cars on the road since Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 is standard right from the base model. If you want the most bang for your buck, the RAV4 Prime has the best fuel economy, but it is rather pricey upfront. The standard hybrid is more affordable and still gets great mileage, but it doesn’t have that lovely all-electric range.

Honda CR-V

For a long time, the CR-V was the one to beat in the crossover segment. Like the RAV4, it is available as a hybrid and has a very low starting price. Its safety specs are top-notch too. However, it is falling behind more modern competitors in terms of its conveniences and infotainment, and its 190-horsepower powertrain is a bit lackluster, too. But you really can’t fault it when it comes to cabin space and a highly practical trunk.

Mazda CX-30

Specifically designed to nail the sweet spot between compact and subcompact. Since it technically still competes with subcompacts, it boasts impressive cargo capacity. However, this does come at the expense of rear passenger legroom. This is an ideal car for a budding family with little ones and parents who want to keep their inner child alive. The turbo model is very feisty and, combined with responsive handling, is great for a little fun around town. It doesn’t hurt that the CX-30 is one of the best-looking crossovers, either.

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