Five Technologies Helping Online Casinos in Canada

Canada’s online casino industry has been revolutionized in the last two decades.  Internet technology has shifted gambling establishments from land-based casinos to online casinos.  Players can access the largest casinos in the country without ever leaving their houses.  To do this, gambling enterprises have leveraged tech trends to help them grow and adapt.

Top five technology trends for online casinos

Every online casino in Canada is backed by sophisticated, cutting-edge technology.  As online gambling becomes more popular, casinos are becoming increasingly competitive.  These five tech trends are being integrated to help them gain an edge.

Virtual Reality (Augmented Reality)

The integration of virtual reality into online gambling is one innovation that has significantly altered the performance of casino games.  These games have reached new heights in popularity in Canada, as you can enjoy a fully immersive playing experience through your desktop or mobile device.


The use of digital currency like Bitcoin or Ethereum for online gameplay has spread industry-wide.  Thriving Canadian online casinos now allow players to place bets using cryptocurrencies, leading to more efficient, faster, and safer payment methods.

Betting with cryptocurrency offers a transparent and secure system for payments.  There are no waiting periods for withdrawals, and all transactions can be conducted without providing personal information.  This characteristic alone means that all payments are anonymous; identity theft on fraud are virtually eliminated with cryptocurrency because there is no information available on the site.

Live Dealers

Live dealers and real-time gameplay have attracted huge numbers of gamblers who were hesitant to make the switch from land-based casinos.  The number one reason players cited for avoiding online platforms.  Live dealer games have changed that.

With real people running live games, there’s an authentic feel to your playing experience.  Instead of feeling like you’re betting on a computer game, you feel like you’ve gone to the casino.  Since players can interact through live chats, there’s a social aspect integrated as well.  Live dealer games remain the most popular of any online casino game.

Blockchain Technology

Security features have become a top priority for any website collecting personal or financial information online.  More than one user has had bad experiences with gaming sites that conduct suspicious transactions.  Blockchain technology adds a layer of protection that ensures all transactions are safe and secure by allowing gamblers to monitor each and every bank transaction.

Blockchains are essentially digital ledgers that are digitally encrypted.  While the technology itself is difficult to explain, what it does is keep your transactions anonymous, accurate, and transparent.  Because there are several steps in the encryption change, this information is incredibly hard for hackers to steal.  They can’t just break into one chain to get your information; they have to break into every block in the chain across every distribution.  To put this in perspective, your data might be encrypted by 70 chains and distributed across 150 ledgers.  A hacker would have to de-code 10,500 chains to obtain your information.

Smartwatches and mobile technology

New inventions in mobile technology have drastically impacted the online gambling industry because they make it possible to gamble on the go.  While we usually think of online casinos for slot machines, blackjack, and poker games, sportsbooks are also part of the action.  For players betting on live events like NASCAR, horse racing, or professional sports, your stats can instantly be downloaded to your Smartwatch.  Currently, smartwatches can only notify users of the status of their gambling proceedings, but there are sure to be major updates to their future capabilities.

The limits are endless

The Canadian online gambling industry has employed technological advances to become one of the leading entertainment industries in the world, raking in billions of dollars in revenue each year.  While only the top five are covered in this article, online gambling experiences are continually changing for the better.  The limits of technology are seemingly endless, but the future looks bright for Canadian casinos.

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