Forex Market Open Time

Ever since first introduced, Forex has become one of the most popular forms on trading. It showed a new of way of currency exchange from the comfort of your home. Due to this convenience, people working at full-time jobs can also participate in Forex as a side gig.
The option of trading from anywhere with a device and internet connection has intrigued people. It also raises a lot of questions. One of the most common ones is, What is the Forex Market Open Time? Well, look no further than here as we have covered the topic in detail.

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Everything You Need to Know About Forex Market Open Time

The Forex Market is open for 24 hours, five days a week. The session starts on Sunday Evening and ends on Friday Night. There are several international timezones that are the reason behind this. Considering this, Forex allows you to trade all hours of a day.
The Forex Market sessions are heavily affected by the following three sessions:

  • London (European Session)
  • Tokyo (Asian Session)
  • Sydney (Australian Session)
  • New York (North America Session) 
  1. London (European Session)
    The Forex Market Open Time in London is 8 AM. On average, the session rounds up to £2.1 trillion daily. The liquidity in London Forex Market is comparatively high, thus, the spreads are lower.
    The highly volatile London Market closes at 4 PM. 
  2. Tokyo (Asian Session)
    The Tokyo Forex Market is one of the largest in the world. It opens at 12 AM, but the timing varies with months and seas. Generally, the time is calculated for the winter and autumn months.
    Currencies, like Yen, AUS, and USD, are very popular during this fluctuating session. Finally, the market ends at 9 PM UK here for  more :  mkvcinemas
  3. Sydney (Australian Session)
    The Sydney Forex Market is the least popular of all four. Usually, it is considered in the end as it closes the 24 hours time period.
    The session starts at 8 PM UK time. The Sydney market is not very reliable, and you can not figure out the best time for trading. That is mainly due to the lower number of traders and liquidity. However, the market closes at 5 AM. 
  4. New York (North American Session)
    The Forex Market Open Time For New York is 1 PM. The North American Market has comparatively higher liquidity. It is usually observed during the opening market timing. That is mainly due to the overlap with the London Session.
    The liquidity starts to cool down as the market closing time nears at 10 PM UK time. 

What is the Best Time to Trade?
It is another common question as people want to invest their money the right way. Well, the simple answer is to observe the liquidity. Usually, it is higher during the opening and closing timings.
The middle of the day sees less trading activity. That is why you should avoid dealing during such sessions.


And, that brings us to the end of this detailed article on Forex Market Open Time. By going through all these sessions and their conditions, you can strategize better and more profitable trades. 

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