These chairs are becoming more popular among computer enthusiasts, no matter if they are gamers or not. They can be uncomfortable and not comfortable for your posture.

This guide will show you what a gaming chair is like, and how it compares to an office seat.

What’s a Gaming chair?

Gaming chairs are designed to be comfortable for long gaming sessions. These chairs often look like a racing car seat with bucket-style seats in bright contrast colours.

Three types gaming chairs:

There are three types of gaming chairs: Rocker, Floor and PC Gaming Chair. Here are the differences.

PC Gaming Chairs:

The gaming chair looks similar to an ergonomic office chair but has a higher back. These chairs are often compared with racing car seats.


This gaming chair lets you rock back and forth. They can also be tilted backwards and lower than the ground, making them great for driving in multiplayer racing.


A gaming chair is different from an office chair. It is a ground cushion with no base or stand. Casual gamers will love these padded chairs.

Gaming Chair vs Office Chair

The PC Gaming chair will be compared to an office chair because they have similar functions and appearances.

To make it simpler, we have created a comparison chart. You will find detailed information below about each chair.

Office Chairs

Office chairs are usually upholstered in simple fabrics that match or enhance an interior design. They can be adjusted to accommodate different heights, back pains and body shapes.

Office chairs are designed to be comfortable and stylish.

It’s easy to assume that a gaming chair is more expensive than an ordinary office chair. The gaming chair seems to provide more support and padding that an office chair, but we suggest you think twice about whether extra padding, lumbar cushions, or headrests will be enough to support your body.

Let’s take a closer look at the differences and see which chair is most comfortable for sitting at a computer or ergonomically.

The Seat: Flat or Bucket Seats

Gaming seats have a bucket-style design inspired by racing car seats. They are used to protect drivers as they shift from one side to the other. Your body will not move sideways whether you are a gamer, a home worker, or an office worker.

This trend will not be adopted by manufacturers of office chairs anytime soon. Bucket seats can be counterproductive and are not ergonomic. It doesn’t accurately reflect the available area.

An ergonomic office chair is more comfortable than a gaming chair. A regular chair is a bucket-style chair that allows for fewer sitting positions.

The Seat Edge: A raised seat edge and a waterfall-like front lip

Gaming chairs have a raised lip which mirrors the design of car seats. It serves the same purpose, unfortunately.

The elevated front of a car seat allows the driver to raise their legs slightly to reach the pedals.

We say A ergonomic, comfortable office chair that has a waterfall edge is better then a gaming chair with a raised edge

Head pillows with detachable lumber and lumbar support

The gaming chairs have pillow-like headrests as well as chunky lumbar support pillows. These are great features for gamers who work long hours.

We believe: There is evidence and research to support external lumbar supports. However, ergonomic office chairs still have a superior back and neck support than gaming chairs. These chairs can be adjusted to the user’s back by moving like Senator freeflex or Humanscale’s Diffrient Worldchair.

Wingless or Winged Backrest

Gaming chairs have winged backrests that are distinctive. This is an innovative feature that distinguishes them from other office chairs. But they do not offer any ergonomic advantages. However, they offer gamers a better gaming experience when playing racing car games.

We believe: Grand Turismo is at stake. Winged backrests can make a chair feel cramped to larger users.

Permanent fixed headrest vs. Optional adjustable

Although we may have been harsh with the gaming chair, it has a higher back and a higher headrest than our previous review. This feature is rare in budget office chairs. It’s combined with the removable neck pillows makes it more comfortable for people who lean back.

Some Office chairs don’t have adjustable heights, or angled headrests. This is because gaming chairs provide neck support and head support.

We say this: Headrests are great for working at a computer. Gaming seats provide support and help to keep your head and neck healthy.

High back or medium recline

Gaming chairs can tilt or recline high, while others go up to 180 degrees. This is why? Gaming can be intense, so it is important that you take a break and rest your back after a win.

There is much conflicting information and opinions about the best way to sit. Recent studies have shown that a reclined position is less stressful on your back and discs.

Waseem Bashuir from the University of Alberta Hospital made this discovery. To make the discovery, Bashuir used 22 volunteers with no back pain history to do so. The subjects were asked to sit at 90 degrees, 90 degrees and 135 degrees respectively while their spines were being scanned.

Waseem Bashuir found that a 135 degree sitting position between the legs and the body was the most biomechanically optimal.

A recliner chair is a great choice for people who work long hours, or gamers. The tilt and angle of the back recline in most entry-level office chairs as well as budget executive chairs are limited.

We believe that gaming chairs with high recline are more versatile than regular office chairs. They are a great choice for budget- or entry-level considerations.

Height-adjustable armrests vs Fully adjustable armrests

We’re now at the final level of this blog and we’re going to be discussing armrests. They can help relieve neck and shoulder pains by relieving stress from the neck, shoulders and neck.

Gaming chairs offer more options for adjustable arms. Gaming chairs offer more options for adjustable arms, including height, depth, angle, and angle.

Gaming chairs may be better suited to those who need arms than the office chair for a similar price.


Gaming chairs have a great design, and they are extremely popular. Some chairs have ergonomic features that aren’t available in other office chairs.

But, ergonomic office chairs are more comfortable than gaming chairs, if you have the funds. Ergonomic office chairs can be made from flexible, innovative materials, such as breathable mesh and breathable fabric.

We hope you find this blog useful and that it has helped you to make the right decision when choosing a chair for your work environment.

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