Get the best doors for a great first impression.

When it comes to the interiors of our houses, we all like to add our little spark to them. All of us has at least once dreamed of a house good for us with the kind of interiors we would love to have. But, have we ever imagined what the door would look like? Since that is the first thing anyone sees, it is also important to have a door that matches your interiors and sits well with the overall theme that you have decided for your door. Every door is like the beginning of the home that you live in and it matters how it is. If you look at the latest designs of main doors, then you will know how the doors can be personalized and customized according to your home or the theme of the place. By looking at the door sometimes, we might understand how the interiors are and therefore it is important to have an impressive door to create that first impression.

The interior design of houses depends on the budget and what you have in mind. When there are different options for you to choose from, sometimes it can even get confusing to what your interiors should look like. Here are some of the door ideas to match your interiors:

  1. Wall to ceiling door: This type of door is made up of wood and has a mica finishing on top. The door is even coloured and is from top to the bottom. It is more of a modern style of door with minimalism at its core. A modern type of handle is present on the door and the outside area can be decorated with a wall lamp or a ceiling lamp that makes it look gorgeous and you can have it as an accessory to give that extra effect to the interiors of your house. The lights and other accessories like small plants or showpieces can be placed depending upon the colour of your door and how well it is going with the entire thing.
  2. Gold leaf design: This type of door is a wooden door with gold metallic carvings that are filled and it makes it a perfect aesthetic for that statement you want to make. It is more like an Indian design with features that highlights the features of any wood. There are many intricate designs that you can get of the gold leaf patterns and all are beautiful. By looking at the catalogues available at the interior designers you can simply choose the one that goes best with your interiors. The easiest way to do this is by consulting your designer or contractor as they have the best ideas regarding this and it is an easier way to decide and leads to lesser confusion since they have an eye to look at the best designs always.
  3. Metal door with designs: Metallic doors with intricate patterns on them and colour highlighting those designs can also give it the look that you might be trying to go for. It makes the overall look very modern and you can customize the area with small plants around that make it look beautiful. With lights around the door and plants in the corner, the house entrance overall looks perfect and impressive. This modern way of doors can be seen a lot and the designs of these have many options to choose from.
  4. Grilled doors: Metallic doors with grills and patterns made looks amazing and funky. If you want your house to have that funky look then this kind of metal door is the one for you. The grill can be of any design you like and you can have the colour you want. Different colours of doors make it look cool and quirky. If you want to set that first impression you can have a grilled door with personalized messages on it as well. adding quotes, designs in a customized way adds more details to the interiors of your house and this is a great way to show your cool side as well. as we know that our house represents ourselves, so you can try getting creative with this one.
  5. Wooden doors with stained glass: There are many things you can do with a wooden door with glass. The glass is like a sidelight that gives it a great look. This glass can be colourful as well and overall it makes it look very beautiful. The glass of different colours can go with the colour of your wooden door and the light coming out of it makes it a beautiful aesthetically pleasing look. You can also have natural light coming into your house and it just makes the house livelier and full of light. The glass is like a side panel on the main door of the house. This glass can be stained or unstained and it just gives it a gorgeous Indian design.
  6. Traditional main door: A traditional kind of door is heavy and has detailed work on it. There are wooden carvings that are inspired by the south Indian culture and also have metallic hooks and designs. Many people go for this look as it gives the main entrance a luxurious feel and the entrances look amazing. This type of door can be observed a lot in the southern parts of India and it is just a great way of showcasing the house. The wooden door with carvings can have gold designs and patterns and this is a great idea for the main door. If you are confused, you can always go for this design as it goes with almost all kinds of Indian interior designs.

There are many latest designs of main doors to choose from, you can choose the one you like the most and go for it. Since the door makes a lot of difference in the looks of your interiors, choose the one that suits well to the interiors you have and it just makes your entrance looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

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