Gold Coast’s best camping secrets

Creating time for a weekend getaway is never a bad idea. This is the perfect way to connect with nature and tap into its energy. You will abandon the noise and air pollution of city life and enjoy pure unadulterated air with an aesthetic view of the forest. I bet you wouldn’t want to miss this for anything in the world.

Below is a highlight of Gold Coast’s camping sites to offer for your satisfaction. This is an eye-opener for knowing what you are missing if you haven’t been there.

1. Tent by the beach

Camping by the beach is an experience that should not be missed. Here you will have access to free Wi-Fi, Barbeque. Imagine fresh fish at your disposal, the warm sand to walk on, and the cooling water of the beach slapping your body back and forth. You start to think about hundreds of years ago when the human race was purely living in the open.

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2. NightFall Wilderness camp

Here you are not just having a date with nature; you are doing it in style. You will be treated to delicacies cooked by the fire and aesthetically built safari huts. With a view of the sky decorated by the stars, you will enjoy the fresh forest air amid the homeliest host you can ever wish for. You will also be treated to organic foods straight from the source.

3. Waterfall at The Settlement Springbrook

The Springbrook National park is one of the hot spots at the camping site, little wonder why it is always fully booked weekly. The fall is an amazing sight to behold. There is also a decent camping site within walking distance of the waterfall.

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4. Treasure Island Holiday Resort.

With an atmosphere that is paradise in nature, this park presents a great setting that gives room for quality family time. Here you can either decide to stay in the modesty of a cabin or enjoy the luxury of a villa. The kids are not left out in the fun as there are various waterparks, outdoor cinemas, and mini-golf to explore.

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5. The Gold Coast Hinterland.

This particular camping site is rich with a lush view of the Rainforest; the reach is far beyond the hinterland as it goes way down to the Tweed. It is tastefully equipped with toilets and a shower. It also allows you to mingle with travelers who share the same worldview as you. This destination is family-friendly, and if all you seek is maximum serenity, it is also guaranteed.

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6. Bigriggen Park

If your quest is a getaway, this is the perfect place for you to visit. At this location, your view will be accompanied by rugged peaks owned by Mt Maroon, Mt May, and Mt Lindesay. Just above it is the Gondwana Rainforests, which boasts of various species of rare animals and plant species. With a two hours drive to Bigriggen, you are assured of all the serenity and peace you can ever dream of.

The importance of relaxation cannot be overemphasized. What is the essence of months of hard work if you cannot relax and enjoy nature? All this and more awaits you when you visit the Gold Coast camping site. You will derive satisfaction from this experience.

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