Green Construction Zero Emission Excavators Move into Trials

Construction outfits are getting in line with the current developments within the construction industry which is actively taking environmental concerns by the horns. Following in the footsteps of automobile manufacturers who are going electric, manufacturers of heavy machines are also rapidly developing electric machines and their primary target has been excavators and the excavator hire industry which are essential towards just about any given construction project.

Even downstream firms that manage logistics for larger construction outfits such as the United Kingdom’s largest independent hire firm, GAP Hire Solutions are working towards not just their own carbon footprint, but also the carbon footprint of the clients that they provide their services to. According to a senior management executive of GAP, this initiative has resulted in the company working closely with manufacturers who are able to support their business objective and among them is JCB.

The latest excavator model from JCB, the 19C-1E is undoubtedly among the industry’s first mini excavator that is completely run on electric power. GAP seized the opportunity and supplied JCB’s 19C to their biggest client Colas Ltd which is currently working on a £38m project involving the improvement of the A46 Stoneleigh Junction.  Carl Ferguson who is the CEO of Colas Ltd iterated that “The development of environment friendly solutions is a priority for Colas and according to him, the team managing the A46 project were happy and excited with the new electric mini excavator and have successfully used the machine for numerous projects. The initiative in its totality is helping the company arrive at its zero emissions objective.”

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There is no doubt that JCB is carving a path out for the rest of the industry players to follow suit in their journey to clean technology and the reduction of harmful emissions. Other plus point that are worth the mention about the JCB excavator apart from the machine’s zero carbon emissions, is the lower noise level produced by this innovative mini excavator (19C-1E mini excavator reduces noise levels by 7db). The entire initiative has led the project management team from Colas Ltd to try out the excavator supplied to them by GAP for various tasks that ranged from minor road works to minor demolition works.  GAP and Colas Ltd have established long standing partnerships within the scope of Colas UK Projects.

It is the intention of GAP to arrive at net zero emissions by the year 2040 and every business strategy that the company rolls out is done with this objective set in stone at the center of it. Mark Anderson who is the Managing Director of GAP made it clear that it has been a GAP long standing objective that has only recently seen the light of day. GAP’s is constantly working with ‘zero emission’ in mind and we will not be able to arrive at this objective successfully without the support of both suppliers and customers. It is our responsibility to introduce and promote environmentally friendly to the numerous industries that we work with.

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