Huawei Watch GT connected watch thoroughly tested

Like Samsung with its Galaxy Watch, Huawei has decided to launch a new connected watch with a homemade operating system. Indeed, the Huawei Watch G2 does not use Wear OS but a house system called Lite OS. Of course, this choice drastically limits the functions of the watch, which cannot be extended by the multitude of applications available on Google’s WearOS platform. But on the other hand, it allows Huawei to offer a smartwatch with battery life that makes all the rest of the competition cry. In addition, the huawei g2 watch is a connected watch that quite clearly targets a rather sporty clientele: the functions dedicated to sport are highlighted. You can purchase this watch buy clicking the highlighted link. Then, is this connected watch with limited functions but exceptional endurance made for you? Answer in this test!

Where to buy it?

If you would like to support the site for content in the future, you can purchase the tested items through this partner sites, using the link on one of the logos upper. And it costs you nothing more. You even save 15% R from buying there.

Cannot be combined with other offers

We mentioned the highlighted link upper in the first paragraph. You may buy this watch by clicking on that link in discounted price.

The big unpacking

After the postman put the box in my hands, I hurried to put my camera on his tripod, open the box and take the photo: simple, we can imagine the watch taking shape on the side of the packaging. It’s always funny to imagine the hours of brainstorming for the design of these packaging, when we have only one concern: what’s inside? Here is the answer:

A Huawei Watch G2 watch! I was expecting this a little, but in terms of accessories, what is provided? Here is the detail:

  • The sport black Huawei Watch GT (it is also available in silver, with sport or leather strap)
  • A USB-C cable for connecting the charging stand
  • The charging support, magnetic but with traditional connectors (no induction)
  • Quick start documentation
  • The watch itself is slightly thinner and lighter than the Samsung Galaxy Watch recently tested here:
  • Autonomy, charge, battery and memory

Charging the Huawei Watch GT

Yes, you read that correctly above, the supplied cable is a USB-C. To my knowledge, the first connected watch that uses this charging port, the models tested over the years on this site used mini-USB, then micro-USB for those that did not use a proprietary connector. USB-C is the new universal connector and Huawei is showing the way here for connected watches! The cable is only used for charging. Indeed, all the data transfer is carried out by the connection with the mobile. The watch is charged by positioning it on the base. The final alignment of the watch is carried out by the magnetic mechanism, very practical for once!


We are here on a watch with a non-permanent OLED screen. It is therefore from the same family as the Apple Watch or the Samsung Galaxy Watch. As a rule, these watches suffer from an autonomy which never exceeds 48 hours. And depending on how it’s used, it can even be reduced to just a day. The Huawei Watch GT is a notable exception. Indeed, I noticed a general autonomy which is about 5 days with a daily sports recording (optical cardio + GPS) and rather intensive use. She even spends almost 7 days using it less intensively. Impressive! However, this autonomy comes at a price, namely limited functions direct consequence of Huawei’s choice to no longer use WearOS for this watch, but LiteOS, a homemade solution.

Memory and storage

The Huawei Watch G2 does not support storing music, nor mapping or even third-party applications. Internal memory is therefore almost irrelevant. And to announce that the watch is equipped with 128MB of storage is only anecdote, because we will not be able to store anything there a priori, except data of pre-installed applications which will be quickly synchronized with the smartphone. Use, handling and ergonomics

The Huawei Watch G2 is controlled using its touch screen as well as two buttons on the right side of the watch:

From the time of day screen, the touch screen is used to access the following elements:

  • The widgets, described below, scroll by sliding your finger sideways on the time face
  • The shortcuts pane, by scrolling down from the top of the screen
  • Notification history, by swiping from bottom to top
  • The top button allows, from the time screen, to access the watch menu. Once in a menu or widget, it allows you to go back. During a sports activity recording, it allows you to end the recording.
  • The bottom button allows direct access to the sport profiles menu from the time screen. Then, it changes function depending on the context.

Pairing with the smartphone

The Huawei Watch G2 pairs well with Android and iOS phones. In the rest of this test, I used it exclusively with my Xiaomi Redmi 6 Android smartphone. In order to be able to use the watch with your smartphone, you will need to install the Huawei Health mobile application. After installing this app, you will probably have to install other software modules, unless the smartphone is also a Huawei! After creating an account in the application, you will then have to choose to pair a new watch. The rest is very easy: The watch displays a QR code that you simply have to scan with the application, and the pairing is then automatic. And if an update is available, the application immediately offers to install it: and use it freely.

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