Guidelines to Write a Book and Suggestions to Choose The Best Genre for Your Book

Finding inspiration or ideas for a book needs numerous experiences, massive amounts of research, and real-life experiments. To write something exceptional, you need to accumulate your knowledge, thoughts, and dreams together.

Writing a new book can be challenging for anyone, whether you are a new writer or a seasonal author. The initial challenge for the writers is to find inspiration or ideas for the book. However, to write something outstanding, the idea has to come directly from the writer’s own instinct. You should write something you feel passionate about or something you know well. If you write about something you are familiar with, you can write naturally about the topic without trying too hard. Then, the content will be organic and much more reader-friendly.

However, every writer is not lucky enough to present their thoughts in a creative way. Sometimes the writer’s mind gets crowded with numerous ideas.  Such a situation may result in confusion and lack of motivation for the freshers. Inspiration for a book can be created in many ways. A person can feel inspired to write something after reading a touching autobiography or a story about a simple personal experience.

So before starting the book, you have to organize your thoughts or experiments, and then you should decide what you want to write about. So, let’s dig in!

Things You Need to Figure Out Before Start Writing:

Like every other profession, you need to research and determine some factors before you actually start writing. Which are as follows:

Learn The Skills to Become A Writer

Like any other job, book writing also requires both skill and knowledge. You will need time to develop the skills. You need to learn the skills whether you want to write a novel or when you want to learn how to write a children’s book.  The skills you need to learn before writing a book are: writing the initial draft, self-editing, and arranging. Some factors, such as life experiences, strengths, weaknesses, or the books you like to read will influence what type of writer you will become.

Choose Your Writing Space

We usually use different places in the house to do our regular life activities. We cook in the kitchen, we watch television in the living room, and we eat in the dining space. Similarly, if you want to arrange your thoughts more efficiently, you should find a separate quiet place for writing you can concentrate without any disturbance or interruption. That space can be beside your garden, so when you look outside the window, you can use nature to inspire you. You can also decorate the room with inspirational posters or images.

Many authors like to sit before a plain wall to avoid any distraction, while others like to decorate the workspace with tiny plants and books. However, the preference and comfort zone varies from writer to writer. Many writers also like to write in a coffee shop, while some like a quiet library.

Find Out How Much Determined You Are About Writing

Becoming a writer is not easy for everyone. Keep in mind that you will have to spend hours researching, writing, and revising. The process takes both time and passion. If you are not passionate enough about writing, it may seem monotonous to you at some point. When you want to focus deeply, you may need to isolate yourself for hours. The isolation can be difficult for the freshers. However, before you start writing, you should go through the reasons again which helped you to decide to become a writer:

  • Do you feel passionate about writing?
  • Do you want to become a professional writer?
  • Who will be your reader?

Genre You Can Choose for your Book:

If you are a new writer, you should not write a fictional book to connect with the readers before doing adequate research. Writing non-fictional content will be more comfortable for you. Now, let’s discuss which non-fictional genre will be the most suitable one for you.

The Concept of a ‘how-to’ Book

The book from which a reader can learn the process or method to do something is known as a ‘how-to’ book. If you work for a company or if you are involved with a profession for a very long time you can write well about the topic. For example- if you are a professional chef and you also have a cooking show of your own on Youtube or on any TV channel, and if the show is popular enough, you can write a book about your own recipes or about food nutrition.

Now, if you want to write about the recipes from your show, it will be accepted by more people as to cook something you do not always need institutional knowledge. On the other hand, to write a book about food nutrition, you need to have an institutional degree as well as vast knowledge about the topic.

Write About an Unorthodox Topic

You do not always need to guide the readers to a specific conclusion; instead, you can influence them to think about a topic in a completely different way. This type of book mainly explains an existing perception of society and then discusses it in detail from the writer’s point of view. The majority of the content of these books comes from both case studies and anecdotes. These books are known as “leadership books.”

When you want to represent something in an unorthodox way, you have to be prepared for unexpected responses and criticism. For a new writer to write about something completely unusual may end in total exhaustion. However, if you are confident enough and if a norm always raises numerous questions in your mind, you should research the topic well, then you can start the book you always wanted to write!

Write About Something on the Basis of Interviews

If you are new and you want to write something realistic, you can gather the content of your book through interviews. Nowadays people love to learn about different food cuisines or restaurants of a certain area. If you too enjoy trying out new cuisines and exploring restaurants, this can be a topic you can write about. To make the content more reliable, you can collect different opinions through interviews. Interviews will help you to write about both positive and negative experiences about a place or cuisine. You can write about a popular tourist spot in the same way.

You Always Can Write Something About Yourself

Writing something about yourself is known as a memoir. The memoir seems quite self-explanatory. The concept is you are telling your life story, isn’t it? The answer is yes. However, you need to write the story in a way that draws people to read about your life story. Before writing a memoir, you should remember not everything in your life needs to be written in the book. First, you have to decide what is the best memory you have or what journey of yours will make the book more interesting. The message has to be simple and easily comprehensible to the readers.

The story should be something that will portray a message automatically without mentioning it directly. It can be an experience when you recover from serious depression or anxiety on your own or, maybe, you have done something significant for the underprivileged and the marginalized. Whatever the content is, it should convey something important for the readers.

Matching and Mixing

If you are a new writer, maybe you are wondering if you can mix the genre or not? Yes, you can mix the genre if it will help you to create something more exceptional and meaningful. For example- you can write a few chapters about your memoir in the ‘how to’ food recipe book of yours. In a nutshell, you can mix the genre if it is relatable and can add something important to the content. However, sticking to a specific genre will be easier for new writers.

Tasks You Should Do After Deciding The Genre:

Now, after deciding the genre, you can finally start writing. If you move forward in an organized way, you will be able to finish your first draft soon. Which includes:

Divide Everything Into Small Chunks

Writing books is a slow process. It is more like a marathon. A new runner can not run 26 miles in the first session. A runner needs to practice and build their stamina to achieve that level of endurance. The scenario is similar for new writers also. Before writing an entire book, you have to divide your thoughts accordingly. Then you have to break your work down into smaller milestones and need to finish them one after one.

Choose The Best Book Cover

An attractive book cover is also an essential part of a book. So always choose the fine layout, colour and title of the book cover. There are many book cover artists for hire to design a perfect book cover. You can choose as per your need and requirement.

Try to Write Regularly

If you want to achieve perfection in writing, you should write every day. Building up such a habit is surely challenging for new writers, but if you can do so, you will become much more efficient in no time. However, if you can not write every day, you should try to write at least five to six days a week. Try to write at least 300 to 400 words daily if you haven’t written much before.

To write a good book, you need an interesting beginning, a captivating turnover, and an exciting ending. Turning to a whole new chapter will help you gain momentum more quickly. However, after writing several chapters, you may feel that the story is not telling exactly what you intended to say. Do not get stressed. Better take some time and start to write again from the beginning.

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